The week-long March school holiday in Singapore is right around the corner! Parents, not sure of where to begin the start of a week of memorable family fun? Fret not, we have suggestions right here for you!


1. Kite-flying, Fishing, Playing Frisbee and Picnicking

Savour a blast from the past through traditional family bonding activities like kite-flying and picnicking. Pack away a basket of delectable home-made snacks, and a cooler of drinks, and bring the family to Marina Barrage. East Coast Park and West Coast Park are also great places for a picnic in Singapore while flying kites and tossing Frisbees.

Singapore is also home to many fishing hotspots that are family-friendly like the Fisherman’s Village at Lorong Halus, and the Fishing Pier at Sembawang Park.

2. Nature Walks and Cycling


Singapore has long been touted as the Garden City with the greenery and parks all around the country. Looking for a good economical outdoor activity to spend time with the family?

Thanks to the Park Connector Network, an initiative of NParks, the National Park Board of Singapore, most neighbourhood parks are now interconnected. Explore Singapore’s greenery via the park connectors for easy navigation while cycling or trekking between parks.

3. Heritage Museum Visits and Bumboat Rides


History enthuses out there, there are museum visits where even grandparents can join in for a full, multi-generation bonding experience. With their wealth of knowledge about life in the past, grandparents make the best tour guides in explaining the historical relics showcased in museums.

Families can also head to Boat Quay for a bumboat ride along Singapore River. Everyone can learn national history while enjoying a restful river cruise along richly-mellowed colonial architectures side-by-side with the impressive modern-day city skyline.

4. Off-the-Coast Island Adventures

bicycle rental at pulau ubin

For a quiet getaway from city life, we present to you, Pulau Ubin, which means Granite Island in Malay. Teeming with the flavour of the old “kampong” lifestyle of Singapore in the sixties, Pulau Ubin is home to various ecological project sites, wooden housing, abandoned quarries, preserved wildlife and untouched nature. Families can go on the boardwalk or bird-watch at Chek Jawa, and leisure biking at Ketam Mountain Bike Park.

5. Family Fun at Home


At home, families can do mini art or science projects, like creating mini clay models or a portable garden-in-a-bottle. Children can experience baking and cooking with their parents to enjoy the preparation process behind simple homemade fare. There can also be a family game, like Uno and Twister, or a story to end off each day.

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To commemorate the week, families can settle down in the comfort of their living rooms and put together a Family Memories Scrapbook of captioned photographs.

By Amanda Seah.

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