Question: How much fruits can an 18-month-old toddler take a day and what is the best timing to take?

serving of grapes for toddlers

Answer: The recommended fruit intake is ½ – 1 portion, with one portion being about 1 small apple or 10 grapes or 1 slice of papaya. Generally it is recommended that they take the fruits during breakfast or tea time so as not to interrupt their feeding routine. Toddlers at 18 months should have 4 meals and 3 milk feeds.

Question: My 5 year old has G6PD, how do I determine the seriousness? I still give him legumes, blueberry, etc food as per normal except for those G6PD restricted items.

Answer: G6PD is a common condition that can only be triggered if a prohibited item comes into contact with the child. If your child is a boy, he will have complete deficiency while a girl may have complete or partial deficiency only. It is compatible with a normal lifespan and lifestyle. Just be careful and continue to restrict the listed items. Educate the child when he is older to care for himself as most accidents happen in when they start to share snacks e.g satay broad beans.

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