In the previous article, which I have written in the beginning of 2013 on Auspicious Chinese Names for Snake babies, I discussed about the implications of Chinese names on our destiny and went a bit deeper to elaborate what our Chinese surname, the middle and last names govern in relation to the various aspects of our life. If you can refer back to that article, I have also detailed down the do’’s and don’ts of using certain Chinese characters for babies born in the year of snake.

Similarly, in this article, I would like to share with you again on some basic guiding principles when come to selecting Chinese names for babies born on or after the 1st lunar day of Chinese New Year 2014.Auspicious chinese names for horse year

General Characteristics Of People Who Are Born In The Year Of The Horse

Before I present you with the list of favourable and unfavourable Chinese characters, I think it would be interesting to understand the type of personalities that are associated with peoplewho are born in the year of the horse.

The horse has always been a well-liked animal since the ancient time. Swift, enduring, elegant and spirited are adjectives that have always been synonymous with the stallion. It has always been a trusted partner of the mankind primarily as a form of transportation and many a time going through the thick and thin with our ancestors in the battle field.

People who are born in the horse year love freedom. They are bold to express themselves and dare to pursue their dream. Such people are independent but they do enjoy social events. Nevertheless, they may appear to be aloof at times and this sometimes leads others to think that they are egoistic.

Having said that, those that belong to horse zodiac sign do enjoy better luck in terms of inter-people relationship. They are often met with helpful bosses and friends. If there is something that those born in the year of horse needs to be mindful of, it would be their desire to be unrestrained. This would ultimately have a repercussion on their relationship with their working partner or spouse since the level of commitment may dwindle over times.

When selecting the names for your baby, we should choose those Chinese characters that can accentuate the positive attributes of the horse because there is an affiliation and resonance of energy between the zodiac sign and the way the character was scripted and evolved from the Chinese oracle.

Does Your Baby Have A Better Head-Start In Life?

When we are born into this world, our surname has already been predetermined. Surname has a very heavy influence on the early part of our life. According to the principles of the Chinese Name Selection system, it governs our childhood luck, parents’ relationship with us, achievement in academic pursuit and upbringing. You can have 2 children born in the same year but bearing different surnames and this would give rise to different effect in terms of their destiny.

For instance, it would be preferable for horse babies to be born into families carrying surname like:
王、彭、陳、朱、張、熊、姜、龔、馮、許、丁、譚、 吳、黃、顏、蕭、蔡and etc.

It does not favour surnames such as:
徐、岳、孔、李、孫、郭、洪、汪、泰、江、沈、溫、潘、呂、高、鄭、翁、劉 and etc.

However, if it is found that the horse babies are born with surname that have conflicting energy, we will need to make sure that the 2nd and 3rd Chinese names are carefully calculated to harmonise the impact.

To recap on what I have written in our previous article, the second Chinese character or middle name represents one’s relationship with spouse, romance and rapport with peers and the last name has a direct impact on a person’s career, wealth and children luck.

The approach to selecting good names for your baby is a rigorous and holistic one because not only there is a need to ensure the names complement the baby’s destiny chart, individual Chinese character within the name must also contain the right strokes, right sound, right shape that ultimately create the right result for the child. It is quite common nowadays that many children and adults are seeking help from name experts to enhance or improve their study, romance, career luck and even one’s behaviour.

What Chinese Names Are Suitable For Babies Born In The Year Of Horse?

Baby Names for Year of the Horse 2014Let us first try to understand some of the intrinsic characteristics of the horse so that from there we select Chinese characters that are appropriate for them. In the study of Chinese metaphysics, horse belongs to the fire element and hence, it is in conflict with water element. Together with dragon, horse has always been regarded as noble and elegant. In terms of diet, horse does not eat meat as it only feeds on grass and grains. Horse loves to trot in the open green and it feels safe and secured under the shelter.

The following Chinese characters or radicals are some examples that are considered auspicious for people born in horse year:

  1. 艿、芊、芙、芝、芩、芬、芮、芳、芷、苑、苓、茵、茹、莉、華、菁、萱、科、秦、秀、谷、豐、艷
    (Good to see radicals like「艸」「禾」「豆」because horse is herbivorous and this implies the horse is well fed which will lead to a stronger and healthier body)
  2. 純、素、紳、紫、緯、維、緹、繆、衫、衿、袁、裕、彤、采、彥、彩、彬、彪(Good to see「糸」「衣」「彡」「采」「亠」「爫」radicals as this implies only elite and outstanding horses are dressed up. This also implies the horse earns its respect from others and will lead to an increase in status as well.)
  3. 木、杉、彬、琳、杞、榮、林、柄、霖、柔、杰、棟、森、楊、楚、村、松、樺 (Good to see「木」radical because horses belong to the forest and they love to gallop and wander in it. This increases the adaptability and enhances the horse’s efficiency.)
  4. 守、安、宋、宗、宜、定、宥、家、宸、容、榮、冠、莹 (Good to see「宀」、「冖」radicals because it means the horse is well rested and protected under a roof or cave.)
  5. 龍、攏、龐、辰、農、穠、寶、宸 (Good to see「龍」「辰」because in Chinese there is saying 龙马精神 which implies one will be enthusiastic, passionate, energetic and will achieve success in study and career.)
  6. 彪、寅、獻、成、茂、城、建、 莲、达、凯、南、美、群、進、 盛、 翔 (Good to see「寅」「戌」「巳」「午」「未」radicals because in the study of Chinese metaphysics, such words form a special resonance with horse zodiac and they have very positive and powerful influence on people born in the year of horse in terms of career, marriage, people’s luck, health, wealth and etc.)

On the contrary, below Chinese characters are considered inauspicious for people having horse zodiac sign:

  1. 畸、留、町、畫、勇、由、當、富、男、甸、界、單、畛、畢 (Not good to have「田、甫」radicals because only mediocre horses will be used to plough the field. This implies people have to sacrifice or tend to receive the short end of the stick in their dealings with people.)
  2. 晶,喬、單、嘉、品、呂、器、嚴、哥、喜、煦、吉, 昌 (Not good to have more than one「日」or「口」radicals in the name because two 口form the Chinese word 骂 or “Scold” in English. People born in the year of Horse who have such combination in the Chinese name tend to easily be involved in disputes, attract petty people, say the wrong things and make enemies.)
  3. 冰、汪、泉、深、永、津、洲、海、涵、淑、凌、子、孝、季 (Not good to have「水」or「子」radicals because horse belongs to fire element and it is in conflict with water element)
  4. 恆、悠、慈、思、心、志、忠、念、怡、恬、恩、惠、意、愛、愉、慧、育 (Not good to have「心、月、忄」radicals because horse does not eat meat and such words contain elements of heart which is part of our body. In reality, people having such radical especially at the last character of the name often run into money problem. They always complain they are not able to grow their savings.)
  5. 山、岡、岳、岷、峻、崇、峰、崢、嵩、崑、崎、岱 (Not good to have「山」radical because for a horse to run on mountain road it is an uphill task. This implies one has to put in a lot of effort in their endeavours but it does not guarantee a favourable outcome. Not smooth-sailing.)
  6. 光、典、其、充、先、共、克、宏、雄、弘、公、俊、芸、 振、 提 (Not good to have「ㄙ」「手」「ㄦ」 in the name as such characters are very harmful to horse since it controls and restrains the movement of the horse, rendering it useless. It is also detrimental to the health of the horse. In real life, people found to have such characters are saddled with financial issues and they are not able to breakthrough and achieve what they want.)

The above information serves to give you some insights and new perspectives on Chinese Name Selection for Horse babies. I would encourage you to seek professional advice if you are contemplating of picking auspicious names for your child to have a smooth-sailing path in future.

With this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this article and wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2014!

Master Jo Ching - Auspicious Chinese Names for Year of the HorseBy Master Jo Ching
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