Singapore will host both the National Day Parade (NDP) in 2024 and 2025 at the Padang.

The NDP in 2024, coinciding with the 40th Anniversary of Total Defence (“TD40”), is scheduled to take place at the Padang. Brigadier-General (BG) Low Wilson, Chief Guards Officer/Commander 21st Singapore Division, expressed the significance of having NDP24 in the city, emphasizing that it adds special meaning to the concept of Total Defence. He hopes that as Singaporeans gather at the Padang and Marina Bay next year, they will be able to appreciate the beautiful skyline reflecting the country’s social, military, and economic achievements. The event will feature a Total Defence 40 Dynamic Defence Display at the Padang, showcasing collaborative efforts between the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Police Force (SPF), and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). The NDP festivities, including the TD40 Dynamic Defence Display, will also extend to the Marina Bay area, allowing more Singaporeans to participate in the celebrations. Traditional NDP crowd favorites such as the Red Lions and aerial flypast will be part of the event.

The NDP 2025 celebrations will encompass an integrated show at the Padang, live celebrations in the Marina Bay area as a satellite site, and Heartlands festivities. BG Cai Dexian, Commander 3rd Singapore Division, highlighted the historical significance of the Padang for Singaporeans, where the first NDP was held in 1966. Over the years, the Padang has hosted NDP events during milestone celebrations, including Singapore’s Golden Jubilee in 2015 and the Bicentennial in 2019. The Padang provides a platform to showcase highlights like the mobile column, aerial displays, and fireworks. To ensure more widespread participation in the historic 60th National Day celebrations, the organizers will collaborate with partners to extend the festivities to various sites around the Marina Bay area and Heartlands. The goal is to involve more than 250,000 people in the NDP 2025 celebrations during the NDP previews and on August 9 itself. Holding NDP 2025 at the Padang allows the NDP 2025 team to leverage the best practices and synergies from NDP 2024, ensuring a safe and smooth celebration for the nation.

National Day rehearsal 2023 FlypastFlypast 1: 5x F16D+ Bombburst followed by 3x F15SG

NDP 2024 Theme

Yet to be revealed.

National Day rehearsal 2023 Aerial Display A330 MRTTFlypast 2: A330 MRTT + 4x F16D+ Fixed Wing Formation Flypast

Likely Dates for National Day Parade Rehearsals 2024 (5.30pm to 8.30pm)

  • 15 Jun 2024 (Combined Rehearsal CR1 – TBC)
  • 22 Jun 2024 (CR2 – TBC)
  • 29 Jun 2024 (CR3 – TBC)
  • 6 Jul 2024 (National Education NE1 – TBC)
  • 13 Jul 2024 (NE2 – TBC)
  • 20 Jul 2024 (NE3 – TBC)
  • 27 Jul 2024 (Preview 1 – TBC)
  • 3 Aug 2024 (Preview 2 – TBC)

More details will be added once we receive the latest news.

In the meantime, below is a recap of NDP 2023:

There is no NDP rehearsal on 5 Aug 2023. However, there will be fireworks at the Gardens by the Bay and Mediacorp National Day Concert.

Based on Preview 1&2, below are the approximate timings* for notable activities you can catch around the vicinity of The Padang and Marina Bay:

Time Activity
1812hrs Red Lions
1849hrs State Flag flypast (Chinook + 2x Apache)
1852hrs Flypast 1: 5x F16D+ Bombburst followed by 3x F15SG
1853hrs Presidential 21 Gun Salute
1904hrs Flypast 2: A330 MRTT & F16D+, CH-47F & H225M, F15SGs & F16D+ (#see below for details)
1910hrs Guard of Honour (GOH), Colours Party and marching contingents marching (visible along Connaught Drive beside Victoria Concert Hall)
1932hrs Total Defence (TD) Parade Mobile Column (visible along Connaught Drive)^
1942hrs Colours Party casing ceremony (visible along Anderson Bridge beside Empress Lawn)
2011hrs Fireworks I (long)
2017hrs Fireworks II (short)
2028hrs (Preview 1)
2032hrs (Preview 2)
Appreciation Fireworks (short) – only seen on Preview 1. Might not have for Preview 2 & actual day

* Timings are subjected to changes

# From Padang looking in the direction towards MBS
– 5x aircraft (A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport MRTT + 4x F16D+) followed by 3x helicopter (CH-47F Heavy Lift Helicopter + 2x H225M Medium Lift Helicopter) flying from MBS towards Padang
– 2x F15SG flying from the right (CBD area) towards Padang and make a sharp combat turn around Marina Bay
– 2x F16D+ flying from MBS towards Padang performing Criss-cross followed by 1x F15SG flying from behind Padang towards MBS. All 3x aircrafts doing vertical climb for the finale.

For graphical representation of the flight path, visit here.

Mobile Column National Day Parade

^ You can catch the Total Defence (TD) Parade Mobile Column at various timings along Beach Road (Raffles City Centre), North Bridge Road, Connaught Drive, Parliament Place.

Guard of Honour marching National Day Parade

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9 August 2023 (Actual Day Parade 2023)

Reserved date: 12 August 2023

For more information, visit Singapore’s 58th Birthday – National Day Parade & Celebrations 2023.

For more information on NDP 2023, visit here.

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National Day Rehearsal 2023

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