The June school holidays are an excellent time for students to take a break from their regular routine and explore new learning opportunities through Holiday Enrichment Programmes. These programmes offer students a chance to enhance their knowledge, skills, and interests through a range of engaging activities and classes. These programmes are designed to be fun, interactive, and enriching, allowing students to explore their passions and develop new ones.

June School Holiday Enrichment Programmes 2024

Would you be able to search through the trove of enrichment holiday programmes and workshops for your child? Let us help! We have narrowed our favourite enrichment programmes both online and offline for this June school holiday. From Language Camps to Sports Camps to Drama workshops, there is something for every student to enjoy.


1. British Council June Holiday Camps

British Council June Holiday Camps 2024

The British Council’s Holiday Camps are an opportunity for your child to explore the world beyond English and develop the 21st century competencies needed for academic and future success.

Camps are available for Early Years, Primary and Secondary-aged students.

📅 27 May to 21 Jun 2024

Register now here.

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For more information, visit British Council June Holiday Camps 2024.


2. ACT 3 Drama Academy June Holiday Workshops 2024 – Unvillained

ACT 3 Drama Academy June Holiday Workshops 2024 - Unvillained

Calling all parents and young adventurers aged 18 months to 15 years! Embark on an theatrical journey where famous villains become heroes and creativity knows no bounds!

For little ones aged 18 to 36 months, join our performative workshop blending music, movement, and interactive play to ignite your toddler’s imagination. For young performers aged 3 to 15, dive into the captivating art of storytelling, stepping into the shoes of captivating characters.

Don’t miss this chance from May 27 to June 22 to witness your child shine on stage, showing off their boundless talent and confidence! Sign up now here.

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For more information, visit Unvillained ACT 3 Drama Academy June Holiday Workshops.


3. Camp GungHo – Singapore’s Ultimate Day Camp for Kids

Get Gungho Camp Gungho Year-end Holiday Camps

Camp GungHo offers a diverse range of experiences including camp games, arts and crafts, and excursions to Adventure Cove Water Park, Ultra Golf, Hydrodash, and Nestopia climbing adventure playground, while Get GungHo FC provides a week-long soccer camp with coaches from Celtic FC, and Family Camp Bintan offers a 4-day adventure experience for families with activities like kayaking, rock-wall climbing, and boat trips.

Camp GungHo Sentosa

*Use promo code TNAP5 for 5% off. Use promo code HANGOUT for 8% off (for sign ups of 3 or more). Register at

Celtic Soccer Academy UK

**Use promo code TNAP375 for 5 days at $375. Use promo code CSAHANGOUT for fees at $360 (for sign ups of 3 or more). Register at

For more information, visit Camp GungHo – Singapore’s Ultimate Day Camp for Kids.


4. EDOOVO June Holiday Booster Programme

EDOOVO June Holiday Booster Programme 2024

Enhance your child’s learning with EDOOVO’s June Holiday Booster Programme!

Recognized as the ‘Best Multi-Subject Online Enrichment for Young Learners,’ our engaging and interactive classes are led by qualified teachers and designed to prepare your child for the second half of the year. Covering English, Chinese, and Mathematics, our curriculum follows the Ministry of Education’s framework to develop linguistic and analytical skills, ensuring a smooth transition to primary school.

With a maximum of four students per class, we promote active participation and peer interaction. Fun virtual rewards motivate students, while immersive storytelling fosters curiosity and exploration. Lessons include activity sheets and can be replayed for reinforcement.

Sign up for a free trial and assessment and save up to $200 this June Holiday! Visit here to learn more.

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5. Global Skills June Holiday Programmes

Global Skills June Holiday Programmes

Are your kids future-ready? Global Skills offer exclusive essential life skills courses for the young ones. In an ever growing globalised/A.I. world, our children will need to equip themselves with soft/life skills besides hard skills to stay ahead of the rising changes and competition.

The courses are designed by veteran educators from top preschools and tertiary institutions and classes are conducted by lecturers from acclaimed universities such as NUS and successful entrepreneurs.

Courses currently available are Young Entrepreneur Programme and Finance for Kids (holiday programme). Class-size are small and rather exclusive, so sign-up soon. By true professionals for young professionals.

📅 27 to 30 May (Mon-Thurs 4 days) OR 18 to 21 June (Tues to Fri 4 days – Mon 17 Jun Hari Raya Haji)

Find out more here.

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6. Water Sports at Lazarus Sea Sports Centre

Water Sports at Lazarus Sea Sports Centre KlookImage credit: Klook

Experience the pristine beauty of the Southern Islands with tandem kayaking, stand-up paddling, or triyaking. Explore waterways with loved ones and revel in the fun-filled adventure. Certified instructors provide guidance, ensuring a fantastic time on the water for all participants.

You can book this activity via Klook.


7. Bean to Bar Chocolate Workshop by Janice Wong Singapore

Bean to Bar Chocolate Workshop by Janice Wong Singapore KlookImage credit: Klook

Savor the Bean to Bar Chocolate DIY Experience, where you’ll learn chocolate-making processes and customize your bars with toppings and Janice Wong™ edible paints in a one-hour workshop. Ideal for chocolate lovers and gift enthusiasts. Alternatively, join the Chocolate Appreciation Workshop to explore the journey of cocoa and taste different chocolate origins. Finally, in the Chocolate Workshop, create personalized gifts to take home the same day, ensuring sweet memories with loved ones.

You can book this activity via Klook.


8. Parent-Child Bonding Experience by Nature Kindred

Nature Kindred Parent-child bonding experienceImage credit: Klook

Nature Kindred offers a 90-100 minute parent-child bonding experience immersed in the natural world. Beginning with an introduction and concept presentation, families engage in facilitated storytelling, followed by mission art and craft where parents and children collaborate creatively. A visit to the plant nursery allows for observation of vibrant flowers and photo opportunities. Participants then plant flowers of their choice using provided tools. The theme and concept change every three months, ensuring each interaction is fresh and enjoyable, fostering new experiences and strengthening the bond between parents and children amidst nature’s wonders.

You can book this activity via Klook.


9. Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory Tour by Lemuel Chocolate

Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory Tour by Lemuel Chocolate KlookImage credit: Klook

Embark on a Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory Tour by Lemuel Chocolate for a tantalizing journey into chocolate craftsmanship. Witness skilled chocolatiers meticulously handcrafting delicious creations. Engage in hands-on workshops to uncover chocolate-making secrets. Indulge in delightful tastings of gourmet chocolates sourced worldwide. The program includes a facility tour, insights into bean to bar processes, and a chance to decorate your unique chocolate bar to take home. Prepare for an unforgettable chocolate-filled experience!

You can book this activity via Klook.


Note: All details are correct as at the time of publishing. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information, no guarantee is given nor responsibility is taken for errors or omissions in the compilation. Readers are advised to check with the respective event organisers for the most updated schedules, venues and details.

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