Pregnancy and childbirth are exciting events in a woman’s life. These events, however, put a new mummy’s body through a lot. Getting quality sleep and adopting a healthy diet can help hasten the body’s recovery, but what if we tell you that there’s more you can do – post-natal massages.

Post-natal massages aid in the elimination of excess fluids, relieves water retention, and accelerates womb recovery. But more than that, post-natal massages offer mummies a short respite from the stresses of being a new mum.

If “where do I sign up?” is the question that’s on your mind, here’s a list of the best post-natal massage services for you to explore.

1. AlltenTic Jamu Massage

AlltenTic Jamu Post Natal Massage

Established in 2008, we are Singapore’s Leading Specialist providing Postnatal Jamu Massage in the comfort of your home. Asia, Europe, Australia & North America. Our Professional Team had served mums across various nationalities from Asia, Europe, Australia & North America.

Started by a Mum who experienced the challenges of postpartum recovery but rediscover the secret to overcoming this, she was determined to bring across this ” formula ” to all new mums. Tried and Tested personally, Alltentic presents an Award Winning Most Comprehensive Signature Jamu Massage enhancing the experience to meet the needs of modern mums

Here at AllTenTic, we adopt concepts of Ancient Traditional Methodology of Authentic Postnatal Jamu Massage treatments, Professional Therapists and customized Premium Jamu Blend to ensure you get a comprehensive post-recovery.

Let our gentle fingers create a greater wonder for you as a new mum.




PNSG Prenatal Massage Singapore

PNSG, or Post Natal Massage Singapore, offers authentic Javanese postnatal therapy that helps you with effective recovery, lactation, and body toning. Give your body and mind the finest treatment possible with PNSG’s wide selection of genuine Javanese massages, all of which are designed to help you cope with parenthood.

PNSG has a team of over 70 certified and trained massage therapists. With excellent prenatal and postnatal massage packages, you may relieve pregnant discomforts, speed up postnatal recovery, and even lose weight. Whether you’re a pregnant woman, a new mother, or a seasoned mother looking to lose weight, there’s something for you!

For more information, visit Post Natal Massage Singapore.


3. Pamper Me Jamu Wellness

amper Me Jamu Wellness Post Natal Massage

New mummies deserve to indulge – and if you’re looking to be pampered, look no further than Pamper Me Jamu Wellness. All their massage therapists are WSQ certified.

Their most popular Signature Balinese Jamu Postnatal Massage. This unique massage therapy is specifically designed to provide after birth care massage for postpartum mothers. A type of natural therapy that includes acupressure of the meridian body through a combination of various massage techniques.

They only use natural ingredients and premium quality organic massage oils for all their mummy clients. The best part? The massage will be conducted in the comfort of your very own home! All you have to do is lie back and enjoy yourself.

They also offer slimming, lactation, and hot stone massages to further help you with your post-natal journey.

⭐️ 60 mins Balinese Jamu Postnatal Massage Therapy + 15min Binding X 5 sessions @ $598.

Whatsapp: 97620378


4. Joyre Group

Joyre TCM Postnatal massage

Look no further than Joyre Group if you’re seeking a reliable TCM provider to help you during your pregnancy journey. Joyre Group, which includes popular brands like Joyre TCMedi Spa, Syoujin, and Bao Ma, is well-known for TCM treatments designed to match each individual’s lifestyle and body constitution.

For mummies or mummies to be, TCMedi Spa offers prenatal massages, postnatal massages, and even TCM pediatric massages for babies. All of these treatments utilise TCM Tuina massage techniques, which adopt the same principle as acupuncture. The results? A stronger immune and circulatory system, and a recharged and rejuvenated body!

Wherever you are on your pregnancy journey, TCMedi Spa will have a treatment that’s great for you.

For more information, visit Joyre Group.


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