Shaped like a boomerang, Pulau Ubin is situated just off the northeastern corner of mainland Singapore. Once a cluster of five smaller islands separated by tidal rivers, the construction of bunds for prawn farming has united these into a single 1,020-hectare island. Two other islets, Pulau Ketam (Crab Island) and Pulau Sekudu (Frog Island), lie to its south.

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Pulau Ubin largely consists of undulating, granite hills. In the early days, granite mining supported a few thousand settlers, and much of the original vegetation was cleared for cultivating rubber and crops like coffee, pineapple, coconut, and jasmine. Today, the abandoned granite quarries remain as picturesque relics of Pulau Ubin’s history, while forests and grasslands have regenerated, covering the agricultural traces of the past.

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Pulau Ubin offers a much-needed escapade from the hustle and bustle of city life on mainland Singapore. Its natural and rustic charm draws about 300,000 visitors each year. The idyllic setting is perfect for outdoor activities. Rent a bicycle, or bring your own, to visit villages scattered around the island. Ride through coconut and rubber plantations, or pause at fruit orchards – perhaps you will chance upon a few durians and mangosteens.

Pulau Ubin Quarry View from Puaka Hill

Bring your tents and head out for the beach campsites at Jalan Jelutong and Mamam. Try your hand at fishing, or gaze at the myriad of stars in the night skies above Pulau Ubin. If you enjoy being close to nature, join guided tours to discover Pulau Ubin’s amazing diversity of plants and animals. Facilities like an assembly area and workroom are available for booking.

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Chek Jawa – A Natural Gem

Chek Jawa Wetlands is located at the eastern end of Pulau Ubin, about 3 km from the public jetty. You can hire a van or rent a bicycle from the main village, or, for the more adventurous, take a 40-minute walk to Chek Jawa from the jetty.

Covering approximately 100 hectares, Chek Jawa is a unique natural area where six major ecosystems—sandy beach, rocky beach, seagrass lagoon, coral rubble, mangroves, and coastal forest—meet.

Pulau Ubin’s value for biodiversity conservation is highlighted by the discovery of a new plant species, Utania nervosa, at Chek Jawa in 1997. Previously confused with a more common tree species, this new species was published in the international journal Plant Ecology and Evolution in July 2014, becoming Singapore’s newest species. Utania nervosa is known only from a very restricted area including southeast Johor and the Singapore islands of Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong.

To create greater access to Chek Jawa, visitor facilities were put in place in July 2007, such as a visitor center with a viewing jetty, a 1 km boardwalk (Mangrove and Coastal Loops), and a 21-meter viewing tower called the Jejawi Tower. These developments are part of a long-term sustainable visitor management plan to protect the rich biodiversity. Visitors can conduct their own DIY tour along the boardwalks to appreciate Chek Jawa’s rich biodiversity seven days a week, between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Things to Do on Pulau Ubin:

  1. Cycling: Rent a bike and explore the island’s trails and paths.
  2. Hiking: Walk through the rustic trails, enjoying the natural scenery.
  3. Chek Jawa Wetlands: Visit this unique ecosystem and walk the boardwalk.
  4. Bird Watching: Spot various bird species, including hornbills and kingfishers.
  5. Camping: Set up tents at designated campsites like Jalan Jelutong and Mamam Beach.
  6. Fishing: Try your luck at fishing along the island’s coastline.
  7. Kayaking: Paddle through the island’s mangroves and coastal areas.
  8. Wildlife Spotting: Look for wild boars, monkeys, and other wildlife.
  9. Photography: Capture the scenic landscapes and rustic charm of the island.
  10. Village Tour: Explore the last ‘kampung’ village in Singapore and chat with locals.

For more information, visit here.

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How to Get to Pulau Ubin

Bumboats operate from Changi Point Ferry Terminal from as early as 6am to 7pm. The ride takes ten minutes and costs $4 per person ($2 extra if you are bringing your bicycle) each way. There are no scheduled departure times to and from Pulau Ubin as bumboats set off only when there are 12 passengers.

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Text from NParks brochure.

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