TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel platform, announced a list of experiences to help parents whisk their kids away without leaving the island during the school holiday.

From nature, to cycling to taking a walk down history lane, kids can take a breather with a day out right here in Singapore through these 9 unique experiences.

Escape the city life – Wind down, phones off

1. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

bukit timah nature reserve entrance

• Attracting both locals and tourists alike, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve transports you out of the city and into the heart of nature. Explore the popular Bukit Timah Hill and make a detour to the lesser-known Hindhede Quarry, where you can lay out a picnic mat, some snacks and relax with your kids!

In fact, travellers say that “Bukit Timah Hill is one of the best upland jungle that Singapore’s got! Being so accessible, instead of spending three days reaching remote jungles in other parts of the world, you can hike this jungle at your doorstep in just one day”.

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2. Sungei Buloh Wetland

sungei buloh nature reserve entrance

• This 200-acre reserve is home to over 150 species of rare and exotic birds. Explore and enjoy the wetland, greenery, and sounds of nature. Be surprised at every corner by wildlife such as crabs, storks, mudskippers, kingfishers, monitor lizards and salt water crocodiles and more! Definitely a change from cement pavements and an adventure for the family.

Singapore travellers describe Sungei Buloh Wetland as a “one of the last few places in Singapore where people can see marshlands” and where “families can get around peacefully as this place is not overcrowded”.

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3. Singapore Bike Adventure around Pulau Ubin

getting to pulau ubin by bumboats

• Take a break from the concrete skyline as you cycle away into the humble island of Pulau Ubin. Get a solid workout and cycle deep into the island to catch natural wildlife such as the Malayan water monitors, wild boars and monkeys. Visit the island’s fruit plantations, tranquil beaches, flourishing mangroves, and learn more about our neighbouring island.

wild boar pulau ubin

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4. Forest Adventure (Junior Course)

What can children learn - Kids Obstacle Course Forest Adventure

• Step away from digital screens and onto this junior obstacle course for kids at Forest Adventure. Forget the usual video games, it’s time to put your child’s motor skills to the test with real obstacle challenges!

Scale high elements and challenge your child to overcome fears and boundaries. These obstacles also allow your kids to boost their self-confidence as they overcome them. This hands-on activity is a life and self-discovery lesson like no other.

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You can get tickets to Forest Adventure via TripAdvisor and Klook.


Time travel – Transport yourself back in time and peek at a Singapore of the past

5. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

lee kong chian museum dinosaur

• Step back in time with Singapore’s first and only natural history museum. The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) traces its roots back to the original Raffles Museum of 1878 and holds rich histories of life on earth such as green plants, fungi, molluscs, arthropods, birds and mammals. Discover Singapore’s 137 years of biodiversity history and biological treasures.

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You can get tickets to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum via TripAdvisor and Klook.


6. Mint Museum of Toys

mint museum singapore collection

• Home to toys from all eras, the Mint Museum of Toys is a time machine that takes you down memory lane as you reminisce over old toys and games. Let the guided tour take you into the culture and tradition of the days of our past and for parents to relive your childhood. There is something intriguing for all ages, young and old, here at the Mint Museum of Toys.

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You can get tickets to Mint Museum of Toys via TripAdvisor and Klook.

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7. National Museum of Singapore

national museum of singapore

• The National Museum of Singapore is the nation’s oldest museum, dating back to 1887. However, don’t underestimate this historic site as it redefines the conventional museum experience by adopting cutting-edge and multi-perspective ways of presenting history and culture.

Its previous exhibition, “An Old New World: From the East Indies to the Founding of Singapore, 1600s-1819”, was reviewed by TripAdvisor travellers as “wonderfully set up to deliver a clever summary of the history of Singapore, covering key stages in its development” and its “high tech and interactive exhibitions are great for both adults and kids”.

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8. Singapore’s River Cruise

Singapore River Cruise Alkaff Bridge

• Peek into the ways of old Singapore by taking a ride on the Singapore River Cruise bumboats. Traditionally called “twakows or tongkangs”, these bumboats were a huge means of cargo and goods transportation back in the 19th to 20th century along the Rochor, Kallang and Singapore River. In this ride, experience past and present Singapore simultaneously as you stream past modern landmarks on an old bumboat. Relax with your family and breathe in the richness of the city while appreciating the past.

As one TripAdvisor reviewer noted, the night cruise allows one to experience the “glitter and glamour of what Singapore has to offer when the sun goes down and the light show at Marina Bay was particularly good”!

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You can get tickets to Singapore’s River Cruise via TripAdvisor and Klook.


9. Singapore Battlebox and Fort Canning Tour

the battlebox visitor centre

• History lessons come to life when you tour through the Battlebox and Fort Canning Hill. Learn about the storied history of Singapore, dating all the way back to the 14th century. Want to experience the very place where the decision to surrender Singapore was made? Venture deep underground into the Battlebox which housed the former World War II Command Centre. Gain deeper insight into Singapore’s wartime history through this enriching experience.

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You can get tickets to Battlebox on TripAdvisor, Klook and KKDay.

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