Kite flying is a very affordable sport that can help in family bonding. All you need is a kite, strings and open space (except restricted areas). We round up the best places to fly kites in Singapore. (You can get good and affordable kites via Shopee).

#1 Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage - Teng Guan Kwee

The verdant Green Roof at Marina Barrage is a popular spot for families to picnic and enjoy a spot of kite-flying, thanks to its gusty winds which are a kite lover’s dream.

If you don’t have or forgot to bring your kite, you can buy from Barrage Cove, a shop on the ground floor that sells a wide variety of kite designs from $22, including angelfish, ladybirds, squids and snakes.

#2 West Coast Park

Head over the Great Lawn to fly your kite. The space is wide and open and right by the beach and therefore gets all the wind you need to fly a kite.

#3 East Coast Park (Areas C and D)

east coast park singapore

#4 Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

#5 Bukit Timah – Old Holland Road

There is a huge open space at Old Holland Road which is also popular for drone flying, remote helicopters and aeroplanes.

Note: Kite-flying without a permit is not allowed in places like Sembawang Park, Punggol Waterway Park, Pasir Ris Park and parts of East Coast Park. Kite-flying is prohibited at all times in the vicinity of the cable car system between Mount Faber and Sentosa.

Kite safety Tips

  • Do not fly your kite during a thunderstorm as wet kite line conducts electricity.
  • Avoid flying near roads, MRT tracks, trees, power lines and other obstacies such as lamp posts, and antennas.
  • Fly below 60 meters and never within 5km of an airport. For more information, check out CAAS guidelines here.
  • Be sure not to engage kite lines with other kite flyers.
  • As wind direction and intensity can change very quickly, protective gloves are recommended to protect yourself when you need to pull your kite strings from gusting wind conditions.

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