宋淑珍 or Song Shu Zhen was born in 1979, the year of the goat. She is well-educated and has landed herself a reasonably good job with a statutory board after her graduation from National University of Singapore. Her surname Song is regarded as an auspicious character for people born in the year of goat because it contains the radical 宀 which symbolizes protection and 木 which implies good support.

To sum it up, goat babies born into the house of Song will be able to enjoy generous and unconditional love from the parents. There is also a high possibility that the child will inherit the parents’ business or wealth next time. Nevertheless, the same does not apply to surname like 洪 or Hong.

In fact, goat people with this surname usually have conflicts with the parents or even bosses.

What’s in a name?

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In the study of Chinese Name Analysis System (八字生肖姓名学), surname represents one’s relationship with parents, whether he or she is well provided for by the family, a person’s intelligence, academic performance during primary and secondary school, creativity, status, reputation and so on.

So, having the appropriate surname enables one to enjoy a good head-start in life. Now, the issue is that most of us are not able to change our surname if things do not turn out as what we want. In this instance, we would then have to rely on the careful selection of middle and last Chinese characters in the name to mitigate or neutralize the negative influence of the surname.

In the case of Ms Song, she has benefited a lot from the parental support since young. However, her middle and last Chinese words in her name have violated the principles of Chinese Name Analysis System. The outcome is that she often suffers in silence in the marriage due to frequent misunderstanding with her husband. Whenever she needs someone to lend a listening ear, she is not able to find a dependable friend and confidante. Even her own siblings brush her off. In terms of finances, she could not seem to be able to save up as much as she wishes although she does have a stable job. Whenever she manages to save some money, something unexpected will occur and she has to spend it all again. Money comes and goes very fast.

The middle name influences a person’s relationship with peers, siblings and spouse. In addition, it also talks about Emotional Quotient (EQ) and a person’s self-esteem. As for the last name, it governs the career and money luck of a person, affinity with kids and immunity. For Ms Song, her Chinese name is not compatible with her animal sign. Goat people do not want to see, for examples, Chinese radicals with 氵and 王. We will elaborate the implications in subsequent paragraphs.

General Characteristics of People who are born in the Year of the Goat

2015 Auspicious Chinese Names The Year Of The Goat

The goat, which takes on the 8th position in the Chinese 12 Zodiac Signs, has always been one of the few selected animals that present itself as an oblation to the God since ancient time. The other animals are cow and pig. In some other cultures, goat has been slaughtered for honored guests. Ancient folklore has always perceived goats as tame, gentle and peace-loving animals. They do not compete with other animals for food as they are contented with quietly feeding themselves with the grass in the field. They are intelligent and inquisitive but they love to spend their time roaming around in a calming manner.

While they may be perceived as less aggressive animals, goats have surprisingly very strong life force and survival instinct. Their primary fear, however, is water. You would never find them wading through water. The reason behind this is that their sweat glands are grown underneath their trotters. Once their feet are wet and covered with sand or mud, the sweat glands will be blocked and this jeopardizes their life.

Therefore, by combining the knowledge of the intrinsic behavior of the goat with the Chinese astrological aspect of it, the ancient masters had developed this Chinese Name system aimed at enhancing a person’s destiny path. Every Chinese name character carries certain energy which can cast either positive or negative effect on the child or adult depending on their destiny chart.

What Chinese Surname will provide a good head-start for your Goat Baby?

Auspicious Chinese Names For Newborns In The Year Of The Goat

Let us take a deeper look at the dos and don’ts when you are selecting the name for your baby. First of all, it would be preferable for goat babies to be born into families carrying surname like:

陳、朱、劉、馬、許、方、吳、黃、程、蔡、田、葉、楊、林、宋 and etc.

It does not favour surnames such as:

王、彭、徐、孔、李、孫、郭、洪、江、沈、溫、潘、呂、高、鄭 and etc.

The approach to selecting good names for your baby is a rigorous and holistic one because not only there is a need to ensure the names complement the baby’s destiny chart, individual Chinese character within the name must also contain the right sound, right shape that ultimately create the right result for the child in all aspects of his or her life. It is also of paramount importance that the given name is compatible with both parents’ Chinese Name and zodiac sign.

In fact, many children and adults nowadays are seeking help from name experts to enhance or improve their study, romance, career luck and even one’s behaviour.

What Chinese characters are suitable for babies born in the year of Goat?

We have earlier discussed about some of the basic characteristics of the goat zodiac sign to allow us to select Chinese characters that are appropriate for them. In the study of Chinese astrology, goat does not like to see rat, which is a water element. Therefore, Chinese word that contains radical that resemble water is seen as a form of “punishment” – astrologically speaking – which is inauspicious.

Chinese Names For Newborns In The Year Of The GoatThe following Chinese characters or radicals are some examples that are considered inauspicious for people born in the goat year:

1. 妞、紐、鈕、炄、扭、牢、生、牲、笙、性、星

(A taboo to see radicals like 丑 or 牛 because in the study of Chinese Astrology, Goat and Ox have conflicting energies. Such type of conflict is also known to be one of the 6 clashes in the study of BaZi.)

2. 子、字、孟、李、水、永、泳、泉、冰、清、涵、港、遊、溫、孝

(Considered as a violation of the principle to see radicals like子and 水 as it is a punishment on goat. If such word exists in the middle name, it will lead to stress in marriage and relationship with peers. If it is present in the last name, it will lead to issue with personal finances, challenges in career and even womb related disease.)

3. 怡、性、悻、思、恩、慈、惠、意、愛、愉、慧、育、志、忠、念

(No good to see 心、月、忄radical because such words are associated with heart which is deemed as part of our flesh and goat only feeds on grass, herbs and plants. In this situation, the person having this character in their name will find that the effort he or she puts in does not equate to the reward. )

4. 王、珍、玉、玨、皇、玲、瑾、瑜、琨、珂、珮

(The presence of 王radical implies sacrifices. The closest that goat can get near a King is when it is being made as an offering in the palace. A person’s name with this Chinese character often finds herself making sacrifices for family, friends and relatives. She will not be able to enjoy good life. The money she saves will eventually be spent on others and little on herself. Unlike other animal signs like Rat, Dragon and Tiger, goat lacks the capability to lead like a King. Hence, one will find it difficult to break-through in career especially when the word is located at the last name.)

5. 復、徬、役、俊、仙、修、欣、分、芬、以、钦、倩、夕、旋

(These characters contain 人 radical. In fact some words here like分 imply the human is carrying a knife. This is definitely not a positive sign because it means the goat is going to be slaughtered for offerings. It creates fear in goat. So, the person having such character in the name can be defensive in his dealings with others.)

6. 龍、辰、農、宸、震、晨、展、振、丽、庆、麒、麟、君、京、贝

(A taboo to see龍 or 辰 radicals since in the Chinese Name System, Goat and Dragon are deemed to be having conflicting energies.)

7. 文、友、淑、英、兴、典、真、光、亮

(Radicals like 八, 又, 儿 have such shape and form that imply the animal is running or escaping. This implies instability in one’s life. Some of my clients that have such Chinese character in their last name often have hectic life in making money.)

8. 示、衣、丝、巾、采、萧、军、彦、日

(The group of radicals here implies giving in and making sacrifices. They carry the meaning of clot and silk. When goat is dressed up, it is time to be slaughtered for either prayer or imperial ceremony.)

On the contrary, below Chinese characters are considered auspicious for people having goat zodiac sign:

1. 豕、象、豪、家、亥、逸、東、木、栋、迎、羊、美、羚、羲、卿

In the study of BaZi, such characters or radicals form a 三合 [San He] or 3-Harmony relationship with goat which is extremely powerful and auspicious. For your information, Pig, Rabbit and Goat form this trinity.

2. 通、建、廷、庭、起、宛、强、融、虹、凡、弘、引、凱、川、之

In the study of BaZi, such characters or radicals take on the shape of snake – a fire element. They form a 三会 [San Hui] or 3-Seasonal Summer relationship with goat which is another auspicious set of combination. For your information, Snake, Horse and Goat form this relationship.

3. 南、朱、夏、彤、竹、午、骏、骅、炎、火、燦、炯、杰、然、红

The characters or radicals here are related to horse which is a fire element. Similarly, they form a 三会 [San Hui] or 3-Seasonal Summer relationship with goat. Good to consider them.

4. 菁、莉、蓉、茂、菊、利、莉、和、香、凱、豐、豊、田、莆

As mentioned in earlier paragraph, goats love to eat only plant and do not eat meat. The use of such Chinese character in the name signifies good support in life, plenty of helpful people and easier to achieve success in society.

5. 国、园、同、宏、定、富、闽、阂、广、厂、姗、册、稐、丘、山、谷、容

We learn that goats are hardy animal. They are very adaptable and can survive almost in any living condition. They are comfortable to stay in hill and mountain, low ground and valley, or even caves. They are known to be one of the earliest species of animals that were domesticated. Hence, living in a farm that is fenced up is also conducive for them. If one selects the names from this group of radicals, the person in real life will be blessed with good quality of life, protected and sheltered from misfortunes, enjoys peace and calm, and have good achievements in career and relationship.

The list of examples above is not exhaustive. My objective in this article is to share with you some insights and wider perspectives on Chinese Name Selection for goat babies. I would encourage you to seek professional advice if you are contemplating of picking auspicious names for your child to have a smooth-sailing path in future.

With this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this article and wishing you good health and good fortune in 2015!

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