Ming Hui (明辉) has just undergone a divorce proceeding with his wife of 3 years. He just could not continue with her unreasonableness and the frequent verbal abuse hurled at him. He decided to end the marriage as he is not able to mentally cope with it anymore.

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Looking dejected and emotionally drained, he complains that luck has never been with him. He has always been a responsible finance officer who quietly takes on whatever workload that his boss has passed on to him and tried to work overtime to meet the deadlines.

Sometimes, the colleagues would unsympathetically play taiji and push projects that are deemed as tedious and unglamorous to Ming Hui as they knew that he would never say no. Nevertheless, he has only been promoted once having been with the company for almost 15 years. His bosses do not appreciate him even though he is hardworking and seldom takes medical leave.

Born in the year of the rat, Ming Hui’s Chinese name has seriously violated the principles laid down in the Animal Signs Chinese Name System (生肖姓名学). The rats are a nocturnal group of species that become active and alert after the sun sets. Their cleverness, resilience, adaptability and other talents are revealed during the dark. When the daylight comes, it is time they go back to their hidings to avoid being “grilled” under the heat and the sun. For many years, this is how the rats have co-existed with the human beings.

If you look carefully at Ming Hui’s Chinese characters, you will notice that the Chinese radicals (部首) “” and “” are present in his name. They mean sun and light respectively. There is a quote in this system that says “老鼠见光死“. In English it implies that rat will die when it sees the light. In real life situation, people born in the rat year having such Chinese character in their names will face a lot of obstacles in life, get bullied by friends and colleagues, suffer from estranged relationship with spouse and even health issues. They tend to be introvert, timid, unsociable and lack of confidence.

Ming Hui’s Chinese name literally means “bright and brilliance“. He has his talents but he just cannot seem to shine. If Ming Hui were to born in the year of other animal signs, his destiny path would be different. Alternatively, he can choose to change the characters in his Chinese name to improve his luck, which is quite a common practice in countries like Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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Other Chinese radicals that are inauspicious for people born in the Year of the Rat will be:

  1. 人 (example 仁,健)
  2. 日 (example 昌,易)
  3. 蛇 (example 弓,芝)
  4. 虫 (example 融,虹)
  5. 午 (example 南,丹)
  6. 羊 (example 美,祥)

There are lots more examples but I will just name a few.

On the other hand, Chinese radicals that will be good to have in Chinese names for rat people will be:

  1. 穴 (example 家,宏)
  2. 口 (example 国,可)
  3. 禾 (example 秀,和)
  4. 豆 (example 登,丰)
  5. 金 (example 铭,铃)
  6. 门 (example 尚,高)

I will not go too in depth in this article on the logics that how we arrive at the (in)appropriate radicals for people born in rat year as it hinges on certain technicalities arising from the study of Ba Zi (八字学) – an established Chinese destiny analysis system.

To understand the complexity and essence of Chinese Name System, one would need to have certain fundamental knowledge in the field of Chinese metaphysics and insights of Wen Zi文字), which primarily entail the 4 following philosophies:

  • Pictorial Representation (形)
  • Aural Representation (音)
  • Meaning of the Chinese Characters (意)
  • Numerical Representation (数)

A holistic approach should be adopted when the parents are searching for chinese names for their newborn so that the carefully selected words can be pictorially beautiful, auditory pleasing and most importantly, perpetuate the significance of the names that contains calculated auspicious strokes.

The same principles are being applied to people who would like to have their Chinese name changed so that they can enjoy a better life journey in terms of career, marriage, wealth, health, authority, relationship with children, studies, people luck and etc.

Jo Ching is the Principal Consultant of DestinyAsia Global Consultancy – a feng shui firm that creates opportunities and results for individual, families and business owners. Coming from a reputable lineage, Master Jo is also a trainer that coaches enthusiasts and practitioners on advance feng shui and bazi techniques.

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