Here comes your baby girl!

Life will never be the same and choosing a baby name is a monumental decision. We are all constantly searching for that perfect name, something unique, but not overly weird, something sweet, yet not too common. Read on for a list of names which might just fit your fancy!

Acacia – thorny
Adele – noble
Adina – tender
Aimee – loved one
Aisha – happy
Alana – attractive
Alexis – defender
Alia – to rise
Amory – to be in love with
Annette – a favor
Astra – star-like

Bertha – bright
Blaine – yellow
Blaire – meadow
Blythe – happy; mirthful
Briana – high; dignified. Brianna, Brianne
Brielle – fierce; robust
Brooke – a brook, stream

Caitlin – pure
Cammile – noble; righteous. Camilla
Cara – a friend
Cathina – pure
Cerise – cherry
Cherilynn – dear one
Clarice – fame
Cheyenne – unintelligible speaker
Clea – glory of the father
Cloris – green

Dahlia – valley
Darina – maintains possessions well
Darlene – sweetheart
Deanna – valley; church leader
Deirdre – sad one; sorrowful
Delia – one who entices
Dion – child of heaven and earth
Della – royal

Elysia – celestial joy
Elodie – wealth
Esme – compassionate guardian
Estelle – star
Eustacia – steadfast

Fay – fairy
Flynn – red-headed
Freya – royal
Finella – fair shoulder

Geralyn – ruler
Ghislaine – vow
Gia – gracious God

Haidee – honorable; selfless
Heloise – famous warrior
Huette – intellect

Ilsa – God’s promise
Ines – modest
Isa – strong-willed

Jada – precious stone
Joie – joy
Juana – gracious God
Jude – one who is loved

Kace – alert
Karis – graceful
Katia – pure
Kerry – black
Kira – sun

Larissa – jolly
Lavonne – yew
Lavinia – cleansed
Layna – light
Leticia – happiness
Lucia – radiance

Malvina – valiant
Mara – bitter
Marcia – soldier
Maren – star of the sea
Maureen – star of the sea
Maxine – greatest
Monet – solitary

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