baby boyHere comes your baby boy!

Life will never be the same and choosing a baby name is a monumental decision. We are all constantly searching for that perfect name, something unique, but not overly weird, something sweet, yet not too common.

Read on for a list of names that might just fit your fancy!
Ace – unity
Adler – eagle
Alaric – noble
Alden – protector
Alston – old stone
Andre – warrior
Ansel – follower of a noble man
Arden – sincere


Bastian – revered
Belden – beautiful valley
Benson – son of Ben
Bowen – well-born
Braden – descendent
Brent – hill
Bryant – saint

Camden – winding valley
Chad – fierce
Chance – hunt
Clayton – settlement
Clifton – from the cliff
Clive – cliff-dweller
Clyde – one heard from a distance
Conrad – daring

Declan – religious
Denzel – strong
Devin – poet
Dion – Of Zeus
Duane – black
Dunstan – dark stone

Egan – fiery
Eldon – respected elder
Enrique – home ruler
Ewan – gracious God
Ezra – helpful one

Finn – wise
Flynn – ruddy
Franz – free man
Frederick – peaceful ruler

Gage – a pledge
Galen – calm
Gareth – gentle one
Glendon – valley-dweller
Grayson – son of the bailiff

Haden – valley
Hans – gracious God
Hayes – hunter
Heath – wasteland
Herman – bright warrior
Holden – gentle one
Horace – time

Irwin – friend
Irving – protector of the oceans
Ivar – yew

Jaden – God has heard
Jarret – God has heard
Jeron – the Lord exalts
Jonah – peace
Jose – he who increases
Judah – the Lord’s praise

Keaton – from an estate
Kieran – black
Koby – supplanter
Kyle – strait of water
Kent – handsome

Lance – sword
Lemuel – dedicated
Loren – man from Laurentum
Lorne – man from Laurentum

Marc – child of Mars
Marvin – renowned one
Marx – dedicated to Mars
Merle – blackbird

Nolan – victor

Stay tuned to part II, for Boy’s names from M – Z!

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