As parents, we should always act as examples to our children. Children learn by looking at us so we need to make sure every action we make in front of them is worthy of emulation. Good manners are initially taught and learned at home. Parents bear the biggest responsibility of influencing their children with proper behaviour and conduct.

teach etiquette toddler

#1 Chewing. Let children learn the importance of chewing quietly. Instruct them to chew with their mouth closed. This is not only a good sight but also a means to prevent food from falling off the mouth while eating. Also, ask them to place food on the spoon without spillage. Too much food to swallow would mean bigger mouth opening which may be difficult for them to do.

#2 Talking. Let children refrain from talking when chewing or when the mouth if full. Also, instill that they can talk only if they are asked to or if the conversation calls for their opinion. If in case they are not asked to say something but they feel the need of saying so, tell them to raise their hand or to quietly whisper while asking for permission to speak.

#3 Utensils. Never let them use their utensils scrape off the plate and make a tingling sound. This is disturbing to other people on the table.

teaching toddler basic etiquettes

#4 Courtesy. The table calls for a respectful child. Teach your children to ask for more food properly. Always say please when asking for something to be handed to them.

#5 At the end of the meal, allow your child to independently take off his own plate, utensils and glass from the table towards the sink

#6 Teach your child to cough away from another person’s face by turning his head on the other direction or by covering his mouth with a handkerchief or a tissue paper.

#7 Let you child ask for permission when leaving a conversation or when borrowing another person’s possession. Also, emphasize the importance of returning to the owner something that has been borrowed.

Parents are the primary backbones of the child’s development and maturity. Teaching etiquette early on would make them better individuals who are responsible for their own actions. Etiquette would mean sensitivity to the feelings and needs of other people. A child with good manners is someone who grew up with good parents. A compliment for the child is an achievement for the parents.

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