Whether your child’s into cooking, dancing or spending time outdoors, we’ve got the perfect gift suggestions for them.

Children’s Day is just around the corner (yes, it’s hard to believe it’s already October!), and we bet your little ones are excited about the upcoming school holiday. You, on the other hand, might be clueless about what to get them for this special occasion. Fret no more! We’ve identified the different types of kids out there, along with the presents they’re bound to enjoy. Also, read till the end to find out what the best gift is, no matter your child’s interest. Happy gift hunting!

best gift for kids

The Arts-loving Kid

A.K.A the child who is bursting at the seams with creativity. If they can’t seem to stop shaking their hips, the gift of dance classes might want they need to release all that energy.

when is the right age to start ballet

Singapore’s got plenty of dance studios for kids, teaching styles like hip-hop, jazz, ballet and even Tahitian dance! Another option for your limelight-loving star is drama classes, available at schools such as Julia Gabriel Centre. As for artists in-the-making, consider art-jamming sessions at places such as My Art Space, or get them an easel board on which they can sketch to their heart’s content.

The Outdoorsy Kid

children scooters

Got a kid who loves the outdoors? Be thankful! Being active is the best way to stay healthy, so encourage your child to continue running around. Your outdoorsy kid will appreciate gifts like a new bicycle, scooter, high-tech hoverboard or new sports shoes. A small kid’s camera is also a great tool for them to photograph their adventures. Or go old-school and gift them with a cool pop-up tent. Even though you may need a permit to take them camping, we guarantee they’ll love setting it up at home and spending the time it in. It’s an especially useful gift when it’s raining outdoors and they’re bored at home too.

The Science Whiz Kid

Gearing Up For Primary School Science

If your child is a mini Einstein or Newton, let them explore and discover with a fun science kit! It’s difficult to narrow down our choice to just one or two, but we’d go with The Human Body Science Kit by Thames & Kosmos, which includes hands-on experiments about the human body. Another great choice is the 4M Volcano Making Kit. After all, which kid wouldn’t want to create an exploding volcano (in a safe environment of course)? You can also take them to the good o’l Science Centre Singapore. It features weekly KidsSTOP™ activities such as building a wind tube and learning to code.

The Culinary Ingénue Kid

cooking with your children

It’s hard to deny the satisfaction you feel when your kid takes an interest in cooking. Not only can they assist you around the kitchen, but you can also look forward to breakfasts and lunches in future! Why not gift them with a kid’s cookbook so they can expand their culinary repertoire? We’re huge fans of the Cook in a Book series, which features recipes for dishes like pancakes and pizza. Be sure to add in a couple of kid-sized cooking tools like spatulas and mixing bowls too. Alternatively, keep them entertained for hours with an ice-cream maker, or help them look the part with an adorable apron.

The Game Lover

family board game

The game-loving kid enjoys strategizing, problem-solving and competing against others. If that sounds like your child, get them some kid-friendly board games!

Monopoly: Singapore EditionMonopoly: Singapore Edition (Shopee)

Classics like Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo are always good fun for the family, but we’re also impressed by games like Catan: Junior, which involves resource gathering and network building. And even though computer games get a bad rap, educational ones do exist! We especially love the Nancy Drew series, combining mystery-solving with challenging puzzles.

Every Kid on the Planet

Of course, there’s also a gift that every child in the world will love. Curious to know what that is? Watch the video below and find out!

Happy children’s day from NTUC First Campus.

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