Cooking with kid can be a fun activity. The sense of fulfillment is given to a child especially so that he is given the chance to complete a chore with you, the parents. Mealtime is one of the best moments for the family as they eat together and enjoy some story sharing activities. One of the great ways to initiate sharing is for your child to retell about what he did to come up with the food on the table. The excitement is priceless and the pride you give your child is immeasurable.

Cooking With Kids

Of course, you don’t have to let your children all do all the tasks entailed with cooking. Sometimes, a few jobs won’t fit their age like the slicing of ingredients or the mixing of a boiling soup. Here are some things you can do in order to make the cooking experience a memorable one for both of you:

▪ Kids can help in preparing the ingredients. They could arrange the condiments or the vegetables all together in a group or they could do the handling of those to you while cooking. For instance, kids can stay by your side as you ask for the carrots or whatever is next to be placed in the pan.

▪ Kids can do the mixture. Sometimes when ingredients are supposed to be mixed up in a bowl before being place on the pan, you can ask your children to follow a step by step procedure while instructing them the right mode of mixing.

▪ Seek for the right time. You children might be too young or too old for a certain task. They might also be busy reviewing or doing school requirements. Holidays and Saturdays are the best times for you to conduct a shared cooking moment.

▪ Choose a recipe which requires tasks that can be completed by your children. Easy mixing or simply smashing or grinding can be done by your kids without having to spend so much time for its completion.

▪ Promote kitchen safety. Never allow toddlers or little kids to get hold of sharp kitchen utensils like the knife. Teach them or show them how to handle these kinds of kitchen tools. You can also establish rules like washing of hands and maintaining the clean tops. (read more on toddler safety at home)

▪ Loose Up. Don’t expect your kids to be as clean and as organized as you are. Prepare yourself for spillages and leaks. Allow them to freely do the task without the fear of being scolded for some mess.

Definitely, your kids can become your assistant chefs. They could learn creativity, resourcefulness and sense of responsibility as you allow them to freely do their cooking tasks. The kitchen is not just a place for your children to experience life because of the food they eat. Help them achieve a sense of fulfillment as you allow them to cook with you from time to time.  Cooking with kids can be fun.

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