In today’s digital era, coding has become an indispensable skill, often referred to as the new literacy. Recognizing its importance, the Singapore government mandated compulsory coding classes for upper primary students in 2019.

Coding classes for kids in Singapore

Coding enhances problem-solving abilities and fosters creativity and logical thinking in children. As parents increasingly seek to equip their kids with these valuable skills, finding the right coding class is crucial.

To help you navigate the myriad options, we have curated a list of the best coding classes for kids in Singapore, ensuring a strong foundation for their future in the digital world.

1. Coding Lab

Coding Lab Coding Class

Founded by an MIT alumnus with Silicon Valley experience, Coding Lab offers an award-winning, MIT-inspired curriculum that nurtures your child’s computational thinking and problem-solving skills. Since 2016, we have been Singapore’s premier coding school, with students winning global and local competitions. Our progressive roadmap ensures children advance seamlessly from beginner to expert levels. Our dedicated instructors make learning enjoyable and effective.

Whether your child wants to learn new skills in a fun environment, enhance their portfolio with advanced, rigorous training, or prepare early for DSA, Coding Lab is the perfect choice.

Experience the Coding Lab difference today!



2. Kodecoon Academy

Kodecoon Academy Online Coding Classes Singapore

Founded in 2016, the Singapore-based coding school – Kodecoon Academy aims to expose students to digital literacy and computational skills to prepare them for the fast-changing world of technology.

At Kodecoon Academy, kids learn the basics of coding using ‘Scratch’ – a programming software developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that enables users to create media such as animated stories and games. With a curriculum to provide students with avenues for self-exploration, Kodecoon Academy’s goal is to equip every student with the knowledge and skills to transform their ideas into reality with code.



3. The Lab

The Lab Coding School in Singapore

The Lab is one of the largest coding schools in Singapore, having won multiple awards and was awarded the Accredited™ Educational Experience trustmark. It is a recognition of the quality and efficacy of their Coding STEM-based programmes.

Students are provided with the highest quality of education and will learn valuable STEM knowledge from their programmes to empower students with the computational thinking knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the future economy. Fun and easy for students ages 5 and above. Free trial classes are available to experience their programs.



4. Nullspace

Nullspace Robotics Minecraft Coding Class for kids

Established in 2008, Nullspace Robotics is the leading pioneer of robotics enrichment in Singapore. Over the years, we have grown to be one of Singapore’s leading technology school with over 2,000 students enrolled in our robotics class and coding class.

Our award-winning programmes are certified with the Accredited Educational Experience Trustmark – a recognition of the quality and efficacy of our Robotics and Coding STEM-based enrichment programmes.



5. Bright School

bright school coding class

The Bright School team takes time to know each student before personalising a curriculum that fits the kid’s interests and learning speed. The classes will be then delivered by skilled teachers – 100% of them have both coding and education experience. With the online 1:1 format, kids aged 6-14 years old can learn coding at flexible timings, from the comfort of their home and at an affordable rate.

Bright School is founded by alumni from Harvard University, Amazon and Grab. With the mission of educating kids to the creators of technology, Bright School has attracted students from more than 10 countries. You can book a free trial class with them via their website.



6. The Logic Coders

The Logic Coders

At The Logic Coders, students are placed in a fun, dynamic environment where they learn coding logic through real-world experiences. Lessons are filled with activities that promote an intuitive understanding of coding concepts.

Courses are available for students aged 5 to 12. Their students don’t just learn coding, they learn critical skills in logical thinking by identifying and solving problems.



7. SG Code Campus

SG Code Campus offers coding courses for kids aged 7 to 18 in Singapore. These courses teach coding concepts through interactive projects and are suitable for beginners and experienced coders.


8. Saturday Kids

Saturday Kids offers coding courses for kids aged 5 to 16 in Singapore. These courses teach coding concepts through interactive games, puzzles, and projects.


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