It can be stressful when a young family starts preparing for an addition to the family. There are so many things one would need to get to prepare for your first child, from his baby cot to his wardrobe, diapers to milk bottles, and breast pumps to baby carriers and strollers. These items are not just bulky, they are also costly!

saving tips for parents

So how do we save on the dollar when everything seems to be shouting at us to be bought?

We spoke to some mothers who’s been in similar situation and gathered eight useful tips to share with new parents on how to save and prepare the best for your newborn:

1️⃣ Speak to experienced mummies who have been there and done that, on the best deals to invest in so that your money would be well spent.

2️⃣ Seek out and/or join forums where they sell second-hand goods – the only key is that you will need to always test the product first before buying it over.

Try to seek out items that are still under warranty. Beware of over shopping for unnecessary items! Some suggestions:

3️⃣ Collect hand me downs from family, relatives and friends! As our baby grows relatively fast in the first year of their life, it doesn’t make much sense to spend ton of dollars on their clothes. Also, hand-me-downs are well used and most comfortable for your baby!

4️⃣ Some online websites or shops may sell the diapers/items you are using for your child at a cheaper price. The best part is that some include delivery which saves you time and effort which are important when you have a baby at hand:

5️⃣ Check out the pharmacies at the hospitals before making purchases for yourself during your pregnancy or for your baby. The items there can be relatively cheaper than shops that are near our homes. One such item that I have benefited is the Elancyl Paris pregnancy stretchmark prevention cream. The pharmacy at the hospital at Mount Alvernia sells them at half the price that they are sold at Watsons or Guardian pharmacies! That’s a lot of money one can save!

6️⃣ Write to all the diaper brands and formula brands in Singapore to ask for samples in the first few months of your child, so you’ll get to use them, and also try them out to see if they are suitable for your child.

7️⃣ Set budget on the necessities, on expenses you may expect to come, and how much you can spend on

Just for fun: why not set up a “Bad mood fund”? As June Yong shares on her public blog, one of the most interesting budget she has set with her husband is the “Bad mood fund” where they are to set $50 in it and the fund keeps rolling until someone spends it. You can set budgets like this to add some life and fun to your family. By doing so, you can also be helping your family to save!

8️⃣ Buy only the essential items that you will need for the period. Check out with your friends who have been there in your position. They just might have a list of items to get to prepare you for the first six months of your baby’s life! Also, don’t overstock items because of a sale because there will soon be another sale! Don’t be fooled by the word SALE!

By Yvonne Chee.

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