Evorie TNAP Editors Awards 2023

Introducing Evorie, the ultimate go-to for all your mother and baby care needs in Asia! With 45 years of expertise, trust, and innovation under our belt, we’ve got an amazing range of top-quality products, from feeding bottles to milk bottles and sippy cups – all crafted with cutting-edge materials like Tritan™. Evorie Tritan™ sippy cups and milk bottles are all about your little one’s well-being, giving parents peace of mind and empowering them to enjoy every moment of their parenthood adventure!

Good design award-winning Evorie Tritan bottles

Here is what is so unique about Evorie and why they come out tops for sippy cups and milk bottles:

1. Tritan™ Technology: The Foundation of Excellence

Evorie Tritan Kids Straw Water Bottle Mug for drinking

Evorie’s bottles are made with Tritan™ – a high performance material that is superior to other plastics commonly used in products for babies and children. It is durable, impact-resistant, and has exceptional clarity that does not cloud or crack over time. Tritan™ also maintains its color and gloss even after repeated use and sterilisation, making it a top choice for parents who value safety and longevity in their children’s products.

2. Clarity and Durability

Evorie’s Tritan™ bottles are both practical and stylish. Tritan™’s exceptional clarity and durability make it the perfect material for a safe, convenient and fashionable bottle. Evorie’s designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, the material’s clarity and durability makes Evorie bottles an excellent choice for young mothers looking for high-quality, stylish bottles that will last.

3. Odour and Stain Resistance

Evorie Tritan milk feeding bottles

Tritan™ bottles are odour-free and stain-resistant. These bottles prevents any odours or stains from lingering, making it easy to clean, a bonus for parents who want their children’s drinkware to always look and smell fresh. Say goodbye to lingering smells and unsightly stains with Evorie’s Tritan™ bottles.

4. Heat Resistance and Dishwasher Safe

Evorie’s Tritan™ bottles are not only durable, but also heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Unlike other plastics, Tritan™ can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for cleaning in the dishwasher or sterilising by steam or boiling water, providing convenience for busy parents.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Tritan™ is an environmentally friendly material and by choosing a product made with Tritan™, parents are helping to reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastics and contribute to a more sustainable future for their children.

Top Products To Check Out

Evorie feeding bottles are designed in Australia, winning the Good Design Awards in 2020 and was voted one of the best baby bottles in Singapore in 2021. With their focus on both function and style, Evorie’s sippy cups and milk bottles are poised to revolutionise the way parents approach their child’s hydration needs.

Here are 3 products all parents should have from the Evorie range for a seamless transition from baby to toddler:

Tritan™ Wide-neck Baby Milk Feeding Bottle Starter Set 160mL+240mL

Evorie Tritan Wide-neck Baby Milk Feeding Bottle Starter Set

The Evorie Tritan™ Feeding Bottle Set is perfect for moms seeking the best for their babies. With a wide neck and clear markings, it’s easy to use and clean. The natural soft silicone teat ensures a comfortable and natural feeding experience, while its stylish design has earned it the prestigious Good Design Award. Say goodbye to nipple confusion and embrace a safer and more convenient feeding option for your little one.

Purchase it here.

Evorie Tritan™ Baby 360 Straw Water Bottle Sippy Cup 200mL

Evorie Tritan Baby 360 Straw Water Bottle Sippy Cup

Introducing the Award-winning Evorie Tritan™ 200mL Sippy Cup, designed to promote straw training for infants 6 months and above. With its unique 360° multi-angle drinking feature and ergonomic design, it has won the Good Design Award Gold Award and has over 3000 5-star reviews online in Singapore. Get yours today!

Best selling Tritan™ Sippy cups online, purchase it here.

Evorie Tritan™ Kids Straw Water Bottle Mug 300mL

Evorie Tritan Kids Straw Water Bottle Mug

The Evorie Tritan™ 300mL Toddler Straw Water Bottle features a push button lid and clear markings. Its detachable handle makes it easy to carry around. With cute prints and outstanding durability, this stylish bottle is perfect for your little one’s outdoor and school use.

Purchase it here.

With Evorie’s focus on functionality, safety, durable and innovative designs, they have proven to be a top choice for parents when it comes to baby milk bottles and sippy cups. Evorie provides parents with a wide range of reliable feeding products that enrich the feeding experience for parents and they enjoy those precious moments.

This post is brought to you by Evorie.

By Jasmine Chua.

The New Age Parents – TNAP Awards 2023

Evorie TNAP Awards 2023

Congratulations to Evorie for being the winner of TNAP Awards 2023 (Mum & Baby Care) – Best Sippy Cups and Milk Bottles.

Find out who are the other winners of the TNAP Awards 2023 (Mum & Baby Care) here!

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