Many of the older generations of Singaporeans lived and grew up in kampongs (Malay name for villages). Around the kampongs, you could find many longkangs (Longkang in Malay means drain). When it rained, these longkangs will be overflowing with rainwater and the children will then scoop and catch the fishes from these longkangs, hence the name longkang fishing.

There are quite a few places in modern Singapore where you can still bring your children to catch wild fishes as long as there are freshwater available i.e. drains, canals, Bishan Park etc. However, it is not advisable due to the risk of a sudden downpour and flash floods.

A better and safer way is to bring them to places where you pay a certain fee for the kids to catch fish in man-made longkangs. Usually, the children will be allowed to bring home all the fishes they have caught. Sometimes a mini fish tank will be included in the package as well.

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We have compiled a list of places where longkang / kampong fishing is available.

1. Qian Hu Fish Farm

Reminisce the good old kampong days. Remember when families got together and children were out playing and enjoyed netting fishes from the canals and streams? Bring your kids down to Qian Hu and let them experience the same excitement and joy of catching their own fishes, bringing them home and caring for them.

qianhu fish farm

📍 71, Jalan Lekar, Sungei Tengah Singapore 698950
🏷 $7 per 30 minutes per kid (inclusive of tank)
⏱ Monday – Thursday 9am – 6pm | Friday – Sunday & Public Holiday 9am to 7pm

For your convenience, they do provide “Free Shuttle Bus Service” to and from Choa Chu Kang Interchange (Berth 5) & Qian Hu Fish Farm every day.

qianhu longkang fishing

fishes caught at qian hu


2. Bloop Bloop™

Bloop Bloop™ is a family net fishing experience on a beautiful scenic sky garden! Kids and parents will have lots of fun going around our curvy ‘long kang’ to catch little fishes, before decorating your own little fish tank and moving them in!

📍 200 Pandan Gardens (PeopleUp Hub)
🏷 $12/pax School Holiday Promo – (includes fishes, 1 tank & decoratives per family)
⏱ 10am to 5pm (last session)



3. FishBugis+

If you are looking for fun, exciting and engaging activities to bond with your friends and family, look no further than Fish@Bugis+!


Nestled in the exciting shopping district of Bugis, Fish@Bugis+ is Singapore’s only indoor air-conditioned rooftop fishing/prawning/longkang fishing pond that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

📍 201 Victoria Street, #07-05, BUGIS+ Singapore 188067
🏷 $12 per 60 minutes + net ($3 for tank)
⏱ 24 hours daily.

longkang fishing at Bugis+



4. Fish at AMK

📍 190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 Singapore 568046 inside The Grassroots Club


ORTO (Closed)

Unsure of where to bring your kids to play during the weekends? Forget about the air-conditioned places like shopping malls or movie theatres! Bring them outdoors into the sun and have fun experiencing the popular old-school activity – Longkang Fishing.

ORTO The Village Singapore

They use non-slip concrete flooring for our finishes and the pond is especially gradient from depths of 10cm to 30cm, catering to kids of different height and age.

📍 81 Lorong Chencharu Singapore 769198
🏷 $14/kid (inclusive of tank)
⏱ Saturday & Sunday, School Holidays & Public Holidays – 9am to 11pm

longkang fishing at ORTO


Fish@Aranda (Closed)

Fish@Aranda is open to the public although it is located inside the prestigious Aranda Country Club. It is only 10 minutes walk away from Pasir Ris MRT and can cater to large corporate events and school outings.

📍 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3, (Inside Aranda Country Club) Singapore 519497
⏱ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and open even on public holiday.


Mainland Tropical Fish Farm (Shifted and longkang fishing no longer available)

Re-live the good old days ‘Longkang’ fishing. Remember the times when we all wore our slippers and shorts and went down drains to catch those fishes? Re-live the good old days at their Longkang Fishing Area! Fish caught will be yours!

mainland tropical fish farm entrance

📍 No. 1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1, Singapore 519352
🏷 $4 for 30 minutes per kid (exclusive of tank) – may have changed
⏱ 9am – 6.30pm daily

Note: They will be shifting in May / June 2023 to 58 Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace Singapore 416138

longkang fishing at mainland tropical fish farm


Fish @ Big Splash (Closed)

Here kids will get to reminisce their parents’ good old days of catching fishes with small nets from their specially re-created “Longkang” pond. Fishes in the Longkang pond include guppy, baby koi, goldfish, swordtail, tiger barb, red fish, molly as well as shrimps!

Fish @ Big Splash

Children get to bring home the fishes which they caught to keep as pets. This gives us parents an opportunity to teach their child to be responsible pet owners starting with a pet fish.

Children who opt not to bring fishes home will also receive a little souvenir from them.

📍 902 East Coast Parkway, #01-30, Block H, Big Splash, Singapore 449874
🏷 $12 per 60 minutes ($3 for tank)
⏱ 24 hours daily

longkang fishing at Fish @ Big Splash


Hausmann Marketing Aquarium (Longkang fishing no longer available)

A back to the nature fish farm where visitors can get to enjoy the unlimited fresh air and escape from the hectic urban lifestyle.

Hausmann Marketing Aquarium longkang fishing

📍 291 Lot 113, Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 719099
⏱ Aquarium 10am to 5pm | Recreation Fishing Pond 8am to 11.30pm


The Animal Resort (Closed in Jan 2021)

The Animal Resort is an extraordinary facility designed to house Singapore’s education, conversation and science programs under one ‘living roof’. It is an experience you cannot get anywhere else in Singapore! (Longkang fishing available for group visits only and with prior appointment)

the animal resort stream

📍 81 Seletar West Farmway 5 Singapore 798061
⏱ 10am to 6pm daily (except eve of CNY and CNY)


Pasir Ris Kids Kampong (Closed)

longkang fishing at kids kampong

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Basic Tips for Fishkeeping

If you intend to bring the fishes home and keep them, here are some basic fishkeeping tips for you.

Get these following items in advance

  1. A reasonably sized tank – larger one if space allows.
  2. A filter i.e. sponge, overhead, internal, overhead or canister filter and filter media.
  3. Some substrate i.e. gravel or sand if you intend to have plants.
  4. Some plants live or artificial and maybe some ornaments.
  5. Water treatment chemicals to remove chlorine and chloramine.
  6. Net, bucket and fish food.
  7. Lights and air pump (optional).

Setup your tank at least one week before

  1. Pour in your substrate (if any).
  2. Put in the plants and ornaments.
  3. Install the filter.
  4. Fill up the tank with water.
  5. Turn on the filter and a little fish food to start the fishless cycle.

The above pointers are just some very basic tips and you can read more tips via the internet and youtube.

Finally, more often than more, you will find your kids or yourself catching lots of fishes. Do not bring them all home as they will often overcrowd your tank and eventually die. Try to bring home as few as possible depending on your tank size. Happy longkang fishing and fishkeeping.

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