Methodist Preschool MPS Children DesignathonIntroductory lesson on selected theme on ‘Plastic’

Preschoolers today are growing up amidst pressing environmental challenges like climate change and pollution. Equipping them with the knowledge, skills and mindsets to navigate the complex landscape of a changing climate is crucial for their future and the planet’s well-being. In Methodist Preschool (MPS), we believe that teaching preschoolers about climate change is crucial because it instills early awareness and understanding of environmental issues, fostering a crucial sense of responsibility and stewardship for the environment from a young age. Early education also empowers children to become informed advocates and changemakers for environmental protection and sustainability.

Methodist Preschool MPS DesignathonCollaborative ideation and sketching of our environmental solution

To that end, MPS has recently introduced the Signature MPS CHILDREN DESIGNATHON, a curriculum programme specially designed to help our K2 children discover and learn about climate change and environment sustainability based on three themes – Plastic, Robots and Water. Developed in partnership with Amsterdam-based Designathon Works, this first-in-Singapore preschool Designathon combines elements of play in a structured process of hands-on learning for the K2 cohort in our network of 6 Methodist preschools.

MPS Presenting our sketch before prototype creationPresenting our sketch before prototype creation

Educators from our group of Methodist preschools attended a comprehensive training conducted by Designathon facilitators to ensure that they are well equipped to teach and guide our preschoolers through the Designathon process. The process started with an interactive lesson where age-appropriate knowledge and environmental challenges related to the selected theme of Plastic, Robots or Water are shared with the children. Children worked in small teams to ideate, visualise and sketch their solutions before presenting their budding ideas to the class. With guidance and support from our dedicated team of teachers, our children created their prototypes from recycled materials and simple technologies and were given opportunities to share and present their prototypes in class.

Methodist Preschool Little innovatorsLittle innovators creating their Designathon prototype

The MPS Designathon draws on the boundless imagination and creativity of young K2s to dream big, think boldly, critically and out-of-box as innovative changemakers to ideate and build solutions for a better future! The programme also helps children develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills and creativity, while honing their social and communication skills through teamwork. The opportunity for each project group to present their sketch and built-up prototype to an audience also enhances children’s presentation skills and self-confidence.

Methodist Preschool MPS teacher DesignathonGuidance from nurturing MPS teacher @ Designathon

Adrian Lim, MPS Director of Education Services shares, “We see our children as Changemakers and hope they will grow up to be engaged citizens, future activists, scientists, and inventors who can take action for a better world they want to live in.

MPS Children DesignathonOur proud Designathon creations!

LEGO Build The Change Programme

Methodhist Preschool MOS Global WarmingLEGO project to solve Global Warming problem

Another key MPS curriculum initiative that supports our efforts to equip kindergarteners with foundational knowledge about environmental challenges, inspire the changemaker within and imbue values of global citizenship is the LEGO Build The Change Programme. After gaining an understanding about the adverse impacts of climate change on animal habitats, the K1 & K2 children in the MPS Extended Curriculum are challenged to exercise their creativity using LEGO bricks to build imaginative solutions to address the concerns. The enriching programme concludes with a showcase of the teams’ innovative builds during a show-and-tell session to peers and teachers.

Methodhist Preschool LEGO projectLEGO project to solve Global Warming problems affecting Bees

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Methodist Preschool LEGO BuildMy LEGO Build The Change project

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