These days, we worry about the exposure to COVID-19, air-borne viruses and pollutants lingering in the environment that we live in. Clean air is a basic essential for human health and living in an environment with polluted air or bad air quality can worsen your health and cause many health issues. The quality of air that we breathe in can also be affected due to changes in climate and the weather. What we need is an efficient air purifier that can help to purify the air that circulates around our home, refreshing the stale air, and eliminating harmful particles, bacteria and pollutants from lingering around.

There are so many different air purifiers in the market that offer different technologies. Find out what are the 8 recommended high-quality air purifiers to get for your home!

1. IMUNSEN VOVO M-001W Air Purifier

IMUNSEN VOVO M-001W air purifier is a product of South Korea and has won Germany’s ​iF Design Award in 2021. It comes with a 4-Stage filtration that removes 99.7% of ultra-fine dust. When it is functioning in cyclone mode, the dual-motor fans quickly and efficiently purify the air. It is also the first air purifier in the world to use Cypress wood filters, which smell refreshing and provides a natural antibacterial/antifungal effect. Cypress phytoncide is also known to enhance concentration and memorization and support stress reduction. You can explore IMUNSEN VOVO M-002W if you are looking at having a compact purifier for a smaller room (16.5m²).

IMUNSEN VOVO Air PurifierImage credit:

5 Key Features:

  • Reduces VOCS and kitchen odor through deodorisation filter
  • Displays current air quality through PM2.5 LED indicator
  • Zero-Ozone Emissions
  • Decreases 99.9% of pneumococcal, beneficial for atopic dermatitis and allergies
  • Reduces and prevents sick house syndrome and removes 34.38% of formaldehyde

Type of Filter: H-13 True HEPA filter (also comes with Deodorization Carbon Filter & Cypress Wood Filter)

Warranty: 1 year

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): Not specified

Room Coverage: ~80m²

Energy Consumption: 72W (24W for the smaller unit)

Price: $749 ($349 for the smaller unit)

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2. Apure Apex Air Purifier

Apure Apex air purifier is one of the few sleek, powerful and yet affordable medical-grade air purifiers in the world. Apex is engineered with advanced 3-in-1 air filtration technology for optimal performance. The activated charcoal filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles from PM2.5 to as microscopic as 0.3 microns in size. The 3-in-1 air filtration technology definitely helps to keep airborne diseases, pollutants, bacteria and tiny pathogens at bay!

Apure Apex Air PurifierImage credit:

5 Key Features:

  • Advanced 3-in-1 air filtration technology
  • Negative Ion Activation
  • Zero-Ozone Emissions
  • Medical-grade H13 HEPA filter is made up of much denser fibers that is able to trap even tinier particles at a higher rate
  • Silent & efficient

Type of Filter: Medical-Grade H13 HEPA filter

Warranty: 1 year

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 400 m³/hr

Room Coverage: 90 m²

Energy Consumption: Not specified

Price: $299.00 (Free 1 set of H13 HEPA Filter)

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3. Cosmo Pro® Air Purifier + 5-in-1 HEPA filter

The latest Cosmo Pro is known to be one of the most efficient air purifiers on the market. Powered with a 5-in-1 medical-grade HEPA filter, it can destroy 99.97% of air pollutants such as formaldehyde, bacteria, dust, pet fur, air contaminants like smoke and odour. The multi-layered filters include Cosmo Anti-Bac Shield and Photocatalyst filter provides additional assurance to cleaner air quality in your home. What we love is the UV Disinfection Lamp function that can neutralise the particles caught in the filters, this UVC has also been proven to kill the Covid-19 virus.

CosmoRender Air PurifierImage credit:

5 Key Features:

  • Revolutionary 5-in-1 HEPA filter + AI-powered PM2.5 sensor
  • AI-powered PM 2.5 Counter for 99.9% accurate readings
  • Healthy Ion Release Function
  • Child lock mode to prevent your child from meddling with it
  • Aerodynamic 360° design for air purification in all directions

Type of Filter: 5-in-1 filter including medical-grade H13+ HEPA Filter

Warranty: 5 years

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 600 m³/hr

Room Coverage: 100m²

Energy Consumption: 60W

Price: $499.00

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4. TruSens Z-3000 Air Purifier

Experience the difference with TruSens Z-3000! TruSens 360 degree DuPont™ HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particulate matter down to 0.3 microns and removes VOC gases and odours from all directions. The Sensorpod measures air quality remotely and optimizes clean air delivery throughout your space and amazingly, it automatically adjusts the fan speed in response! In addition to having clean air around your house, its contemporary design with sleek touch-buttons controls and integrated handle blends seamlessly into your environment.

TruSens Air PurifierImage credit:

5 Key Features:

  • 360 HEPA Filtration with Dupont™ Filter draws air from all directions, collecting pollutants from around the room
  • The SensorPod measures air quality remotely, optimising clean air delivery and automatically adjusts fan speeds in response
  • Air Quality Indicator monitors air quality in real time. A color-coded illuminated ring and numerical value indicates good, moderate, or poor air quality
  • UltraViolet sterilization reduces germs and viruses that can build up on the filter, preventing re-circulation of live germs
  • PureDirect technology uses two airflow streams to distribute air more comfortably, delivering purified air 24% more effectively

Type of Filter: Washable Pre-filter, Carbon Filter, True HEPA Filter, UV sterilization

Warranty: 2 years

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 354 m³/h (pollen), 338 m³/h (dust) and 325 m³/h (smoke)

Room Coverage: 70m²

Energy Consumption: 68W

Price: $630.20 (with GST)

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5. Sterra Breeze™ Air Purifier

Sterra Breeze™ Air Purifier is known as one of the best hospital-grade air purifiers as it uses the same quality of filter grade that hospitals use, to decontaminate the rooms! Its 3-in-1 HEPA filtration (Pre-filter, activated charcoal, H13 true HEPA filter) eliminates deadly viruses, smoke, and air contaminants like viruses and bacteria, to protect you and your family.

Sterra breeze air purifierImage credit:

5 Key Features:

  • Filters 99.97% of airborne particles & contaminants including viruses and bacteria
  • Blocks allergens such as pollen, animal dander & dust mites
  • Silent & efficient
  • Child lock mode to prevent your child from meddling with it
  • Cost saving – low electricity consumption & reasonable cost

Type of Filter: Medical-Grade True HEPA-13 filter

Warranty: 3 years

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 400 m³/hr

Room Coverage: 80m²

Energy Consumption: 48W

Price: $349.00

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6. Smart Air Purifier, 90m²

Smart air purifier, 90m² comes with a multi-layered purification system for cleaner and better quality air, certified to remove up to 99.97% of 0.3㎛ sized dust and harmful bacteria. One of the few purifiers that offer a fast Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) as it comes with 3-way airflow to purify a wider area and quickly distribute clean air in all directions. A smart gadget that allows you to control it remotely with your smartphone.

Smart Air PurifierImage credit:

5 Key Features:

  • Multi-Layered Purification System (captures up to 99.97% of ultrafine impurities and bacteria)
  • Numeric Air Quality Display & 4-Colour Indicator to check the air quality in your home
  • Control it remotely with your smartphone
  • Wi-Fi® Control with SmartThings App
  • Child lock mode to prevent your child from meddling with it

Type of Filter: Multi-Layered Purification System (comes with washable first layer filter, HEPA Filtration and Activated Carbon Deodorisation Filter)

Warranty: 1 year

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 701m³/hr

Room Coverage: 90m²

Energy Consumption: 90W

Price: $899.00

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7. Dyson Purifier Cool™ Formaldehyde air purifier TP09

The Dyson Purifier Cool™ Formaldehyde air purifier TP09 is the latest purifier to the Dyson family. It offers more than just cooling and purifying your house, this model of air purifier detects and destroys formaldehyde, continuously! If you are not aware, formaldehyde is the toxic chemical lingering in your indoor air, especially after renovation work and it is also present in some household products. Serious health problems can arise from constant exposure. Similar to other Dyson models, Dyson Purifier Cool™ Formaldehyde air purifier TP09 is a chic purifier that is definitely a great option for cooling and cleaning large rooms. This purifier is wifi and voice-enabled, oscillates 350° and comes with multiple modes.

Dyson Air PurifierImage credit:

5 Key Features:

  • Bladeless airflow movement means child safe
  • The bladeless design also allows for quieter operation
  • HEPA H13 and activated carbon filters capture dust, allergens, gases and other ultrafine pollutants
  • Constant monitoring of your house’s air quality
  • Certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by Allergy Standards Limited

Type of Filter: HEPA H13 and activated carbon filters

Warranty: 2-5 years

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 410 m³/hr

Room Coverage: 81m²

Energy Consumption: 40W

Price: $1,099.00, comes with complimentary filter (worth $99)

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8. Philips Dehumidifier And Air Purifier, DE5205/30

Philips Dehumidifier And Air Purifier, DE5205/30 is a powerful 2 in tool that is equipped with a HEPA and pre-filter to capture ultra-fine particles, keeping bacteria, virus, pollen, dust, pet dander, gas and other pollutants at bay. It eliminates odors, bacteria and pollutants and purifies the air in your house. What amazes us is that it doubles up as a dehumidifier and is efficient at eliminating moisture quickly, definitely a more environmentally-friendly gadget than using thirsty hippo dehumidifiers!

Philips Air Purifier DehumidifierImage credit:

5 Key Features:

  • VitaShield captures 99.9% bacteria and viruses
  • Removes 99.9% of airborne bacteria
  • Effectively dehumidify a room up to 104 m² to protect you from mold and mildew
  • Comes with dedicated dry laundry mode for drying clothes with ease
  • Child lock mode to prevent your child from meddling with it

Type of Filter: HEPA filter

Warranty: 2 years

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 270 m³/h

Room Coverage: 104m²

Energy Consumption: 355W / Standby 1W

Price: $780.99

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The quality of the air we breathe affects us in many different ways. Breathing in air pollutants on a long term basis can potentially create health issues and put you at a higher risk of chronic illnesses. Living in a clean and comfortable environment is essential that we should not overlook! Amongst these air purifiers that we have recommended above, we hope that you find a suitable one that is fit for your needs and budget.

By Crystal Tan.

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