Introducing the JD Bug training bike – This ergonomically-designed training bike comes with an attachable gearbox to allow the child to pedal.


The joys and benefits of cycling are aplenty for both adults and kids. So why not let your child learn to cycle at an early age?

After all, cycling can help develop the child’s motor coordination skill and instill confidence in them. Introducing the JD Bug training bike that is perfect for kids, from 2½ years old, pick up the skill of cycling that would last them a lifetime. Plus, enjoying the many wonderful moments of joy, laughter and bonding for the whole family through cycling.

A training bike (which does not come with pedals) prepares a child to cycle by first letting him or her learn how to push and glide the bike with both feet. The child should progress from the “push and glide” motion and ready to learn to pedal within six months. And at this stage, parents usually then look for a new pedal bike, making the training bike obsolete.

The JD Bug training bike is unlike other training bikes as it can be easily upgraded to a pedal bike by just installing the gearbox that comes with the bike.


This means that the “shelf-life” of the training bike is prolonged as it becomes a pedal bike that the child can then cycle on for another two or more years. Parents do not need to spend more money to purchase a new pedal bike, which means, less inventory at home nor the need to worry about where and how to dispose of the obsolete training bike.

Weighing at only 3.2kg, the lightweight JD Bug training bike is highly portable and can even be brought along for a family getaway. Even with the gearbox installed, the JD Bug training bike weighs 4.9kg, which is still lighter than many normal pedal bikes, which usually weigh more than 6kg.

Ergonomically-designed to ensure comfort and safety for the child, the JD Bug training bike comes with an adjustable seat to cater to the height of the child; safety grips and a safety break stop system for safer handling and treaded tires for better surface grip.

Aesthetically, the combination of lime green, black and white colours make the JD Bug training bike striking and appealing for kids of both genders.


The JD Bug training bike, bundled with a gearbox, is suitable for children aged 2½ years old and above.

The JD Bug Training Bike is available on Shopee.

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