Q: My children are 9 and 11 respectively but they are not interested in studying.

how to motivate children to study

A: Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

To start getting interested in something, motivation is very important. I would think that your children lack the motivation to study. This is what you should work towards.

Ways to motivate your child to study:

  • Get them to read or study something easier. One reason why they do not have the motivation could be that they could find what they see very difficult. In such cases, try to break down the studying into shorter times periods or less material. When kids gain confidence from easier tasks, their confidence builds up naturally.
  • Encourage them to dream and set goals for themselves.

With dreams and goals, your child will look forward to something. – If you think your children have competitive streaks, do try to pit them against one another and they will develop a lot of drive from there. Ever wondered why many high achievers sometimes come from families where their siblings are also high achievers? Sibling rivalry can be a good thing if it is kept friendly and they will both challenge and spur each other on.

Once you get motivation from your kids, it becomes a habit and you can look forward to being the proud parents of high achievers.

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