Exams are coming! Is your child getting sweaty palms over exams preparation? As a parent, it is your role to fight this battle together with your child. By teaching him / her how to overcome the frantic exam anxiety, you are also teaching him /her how to overcome future challenges. That is why teaching your child is not just about getting good grades. It is about teaching him / her how to meet life challenges ahead. Therefore, I have come up with the best tips to empower your child for the coming exams and the many challenges ahead.

useful exam tips
In the preparation period:

  • Get him / her to revise early, especially if he /she has not been keeping up with his studies.
  • Do not wait until the teacher has completed the syllabus. Start before that.
  • Get used to performing under examination conditions. Give him / her test to do within a given time, and in a quiet room.

Taking the exams:

Teach your child to…

1. Scan through the paper first

This should be the first thing he does. Scanning helps him / her to plan the order to answer the questions and to allocate how much time to which section.

2. Plan his time wisely

He / SHe should always plan for extra time to check his / her work. This is to prevent all the careless mistakes from taking his / her precious marks away!

3. Easy Enemies first, Tough ones last

Many students spend too much precious time on tough questions, and then they realized they do not have time to finish the paper. How wasted! Some teachers like to put harder questions in the first few questions. When he / she encounters such a situation, skip them and tackle the easier ones first. Then return to it after he / she is done with the easier ones.

4. Never Give up, never never give up

Difficult questions, especially if they are put at the beginning of the paper, often have the effect of demoralizing him / her. Students then form the belief that it is a difficult paper that they could not handle.

Skip the tough ones and tackle the easier ones to boost his / her confidence. When he / she comes back and still cannot answer, do not leave blank. This will guarantee a zero and makes the marker most happy cause there is nothing for him to mark! Write something as long as there is something logical. Like a definition, a phrase he / she still can recall, or an example. He / she might even gain some marks on this.

After An Exam:
No matter how well or how badly your child has done for the paper, there is nothing he can do when the paper was handed in. Many students spent unnecessary time working over how they did for the earlier paper that they lost focus on the coming ones.

As a parent, you can help him overcome this by encouraging him / her to look ahead and work harder to make up for the mistakes he / she had done earlier.

Article by Study Grandmaster

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