Hair problems come in many forms: Greasy hair, frizzy hair, dandruff, split ends and flaky scalp. Among all the hair problems, hair loss is the most common type of hair problem among women.

Unlike male hair loss, female hair loss occurs with the hair thinning at the crown area and over the head, while the frontal hairline is still maintained. Generally, females experience a more diffused and broader area of hair loss as compared to males.

Hair loss can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience for many women. So what causes hair loss in women? Here are some common factors.

1. Stress

Stress is a major factor for most people facing hair loss. Possible life stressors include emotional and physical stress from marriage or work. Depending on individuals, people generally lose their hair weeks or months after stressful events. Most women have to juggle careers and families, and this may lead to a stressful lifestyle.

Real Estate Agent Daphne Hoon was an ex-sufferer of severe hair thinning problems due to work. Daphne underwent a tremendous amount of stress due to the change in corporate culture and additional job responsibilities. Her hair condition worsened gradually.

Daphne recalled, “I noticed hair everywhere. My car seat, my coat, everywhere! I started panicking and started taking various vitamins, using different shampoos and conditioners but that did not help a bit.”

She came to find out about TK TrichoKare and is impressed by the professionalism of her consultant. She has never looked back since as she entrusted her hair loss problems with treatments validated by a certified trichologist.

The feeling of having a refreshed scalp after the European herbal hair remedy is like a stress relieving break. I am no longer worried about how people looked at me!” Daphne revealed.

TrichoKare Hair Loss Treatment

2. Post-partum: After Childbirth

The movement of estrogen (primary female sex hormones) level during pregnancy takes quite a toll on all women. It increases during pregnancy and slows down after birth before entering a resting phase. It is during this time while estrogen level is at rest that tremendous hair loss is experienced.

Post-natal hair fall is a temporary phase. However, taking good care of it could avoid a permanent hair loss situation.

3. Frequent Use Of Chemical Products

Improper and frequent use of gel, hair spray and conditioner or regular hair dye, bleaching or permanents loaded with chemicals are deemed as the biggest culprits of hair loss. They are harsh on the scalp and could cause hair breakage, weakening the hair shaft, thus making it prone to hair loss problems.

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Trichological Approach to Hair Problems

Started by a trichologist, TK TrichoKare is the first ISO 9001 certified trichological centre in Singapore. What stands out is how all treatments are validated by a certified trichologist, with premium European herbs formulated by a professional herbalist.

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