Are you looking to nurture your confident child in a global environment, exposed to fun and engaging bilingual enrichment while bonding with you?


We’re BibiNogs, a specialist bilingual English and Chinese language centre that develops your child to be confident, kind, expressive, and appreciative of global cultures. We believe that to enable your child to be bilingual, lessons should be a sensorial experience, engaging your child to spark wonder and curiosity in the world.

About BibiNogs

BibiNogs is a specialist bilingual and Chinese language preschool with engaging and sensorial experiences in our lessons to teach your child both English and Chinese languages.

BibiNogs Parent- accompanied class

Besides offering enrichment classes for children from 9 months to 7 years old, BibiNogs also offers parent-accompanied enrichment classes (suitable for children 9 months to 3 years old) for your child to improve understanding and literacy of Chinese and English language, adaptivity to global cultures, and many opportunities to form close bonds with you.

For example, in our toddler parent-accompanied enrichment, we use highly animated phonics and introduction to word blending techniques, combined with high-energy activities and colourful props, to keep toddlers engaged in a playful environment.

BibiNogs Chinese Enrichment

Here’s what we have in store for your child to experience an immersive Chinese and English enrichment to build your child’s confidence.

1. Sensory play for holistic development

Children learn faster when they can use multiple senses to explore and interact with their environment. With this in mind, BibiNogs plans hands-on activities like art & craft, object exploration (such as ‘jungle slime’ and fruit) and puppetry. Children also get to enjoy dedicated Sensory Play Days!

BibiNogs English Enrichment

BibiNogs’ immersive Chinese and English enrichment also engages the auditory skills of your child using Chinese and English nursery rhymes/poems, story-telling, dramatization and songs.

BibiNogs Best Enrichment

With different types of sensory play, your child not only improves language development and gross motor skills. He will also learn the rules of social interaction, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking.

“Nurturing, shaping and bringing out the best in Joyce are challenging roles for parents like us but it’s fulfilling to see her learn, progress and at the same time enjoy and have fun. Task is made easy with a great school. Thank you so much, BibiNogs!” – Jocelyn and John (Parents of Joyce from Bilingual Tots Parent-Accompanied Program)

2. Multi-domain approach to learning

BibiNogs organises lots of activities both indoors and outdoors, using traditional and virtual media to bring across learning objectives in our curriculum.

BibiNogs Immersive Chinese Enrichment

In our classrooms, we provide an assortment of activities such as interactive matching, public speaking, movement-based learning, and storytelling, where parents can co-participate with their children.

BibiNogs Best Chinese Enrichment Class

Children also have fun in the outdoors and get a healthy dose of sun, or go on physical and virtual excursions where we explore places such as local gardens, places of attractions, and even ‘travel overseas’ to Pulau Ubin!

3. Immersion in global cultures

BibiNogs Parent Accompanied Enrichment Class

With such a rich diversity of cultures on our planet, we find ways to bring different cultures into our classrooms. Festivals like Chinese New Year and Deepavali are great ways to introduce your child to be more appreciative of global cultures.

BibiNogs Chinese and English Enrichment

BibiNogs classes also incorporate the everyday life of global cultures in our themed exhibitions, such as Japanese Food Week.

BibiNogs Best Chinese Enrichment

Through our curriculum, we aspire to spark wonder and curiosity in your child’s mind to grow into an enthusiastic, thinking learner, and a global citizen who thrives on learning even beyond preschool.

Our proprietary BibiNogs BE curriculum, designed based on the multi-domain approach, seeks to develop your child to BE confident and expressive, kind, and considerate, and appreciative of global cultures.

In our enrichment lessons, our curriculum is geared to enable your child to experience holistic development in Cognitive Development, Numeracy and Language Skills, Motor Skill Development, Social and Emotional Development, and Aesthetic Appreciation.

It’s an exciting world of learning with BibiNogs, we look forward to welcoming you and your child to our wide range of enrichment programmes. Join in the fun with your child in our parent-accompanied classes too!

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This post is brought to you by BibiNogs.

By Julia Chan.

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