Hair is an important feature of our looks, body image and self-esteem, but many parents lack the time to care for their hair and scalp.

TK TrichoKare hair loss treatment

Childbirth, parental stress, work stress, illness or crash dieting worsen hair loss, and as I have been through all five stages, my scalp was in a pretty bad state.

Besides the occasional thinning patches on my head, I felt that washing my hair every day was not enough to clean it well. Seeing the clumps of hair on the floor was not an encouraging sign.

TK TrichoKare hair treatment for hair loss

Thankfully, I sought help from professionals at TK TrichoKare. Not only did I receive a customised treatment plan, but I have also gained pretty good advice from the hair & scalp specialist/ trichologist regarding my hair and scalp condition.

What can parents expect from a visit to TrichoKare?

TrichoKare customised hair treatment plan

TrichoKare (pronounced as Try-ko-care), first established in 2004, has been the leading Trichological Centre that offers customisable premium European herbs treatments targeted to treat all hair and scalp conditions, such as hair loss, dandruff, oily scalp, sensitive scalp, greying hair, and more.

Upon arriving at TrichoKare, my hair & scalp specialist, Sherelyna Fong, took me through the registration process where I shared about my life stage, hair concerns, past allergies (I have tried medication for hair loss in the past and it resulted in very bad rashes), and typical hair care regimen.

1. Hair and Scalp Analysis

TK TrichoKare Hair and Scalp Analysis

Using a lens that magnifies up to 200 times, she then scanned various areas of my scalp and snapped four photos for analysis.

TK TrichoKare Hair and Scalp Analysis Pre

She noticed that my scalp had oily clogs, bald patches, flaky skin, and bruised areas (this was new to me). When she learnt that I was using a hair massager daily during shampooing, she advised me to reduce the frequency to once a week or less to prevent further bruising.

2. Customised premium European herbal scalp masque

I was then ushered to a seat in the treatment area and was thoughtfully provided with a wrap-over blouse before the treatment to protect my clothes and keep me warm. Treatment officially began with the application of a customised herbal scalp masque throughout my scalp.

TK TrichoKare Customised premium European herbal scalp masque

I was told that the masque was customised with the effect to detox my greasy scalp, remove impurities and excess sebum in my case.

Each of the European Herbs used by TrichoKare in their treatments is validated by certified Trichologists and formulated by professional herbalists, with ingredients such as Burdock, Chamomile, Nettle, Rosemary, Lavender etc. No harsh chemicals were used and included, and the treatments can even be customised for children with scalp issues as well.

3. Revitalising hair bath

TK TrichoKare Revitalising hair bath

After about 10-15 minutes, my hair & scalp specialist led me to the hair wash area where she shampooed my hair twice and applied conditioner to restore my scalp’s sebum balance.

This was my favourite part of the treatment as she would massage my head during the shampooing, which really helped me to relax and relieve the stress and anxiety in my thoughts.

4. Customised Ampoule (Peptide)

TK TrichoKare Customised Ampoule

Back at my seat, the treatment continued with a customised ampoule application that contained an active ingredient called peptides onto my scalp. This helped to increase hair growth and thickness, reduce inflammation and damage, and delay scalp ageing.

5. OxyJet

TK TrichoKare OxyJet Hair Scalp Treatment

The ampoule was applied concurrently with an OxyJet machine, an innovative technology that comprises a needleless jet infusion of oxygen and nutrients that penetrate deeply into my scalp to boost collagen and melanin production, which prevents greying hair and reduces hair loss.

The OxyJet can reactivate up to 80% of dormant hair follicles and accelerate cell regeneration to stimulate hair growth.

6. Photodynamic Therapy

TK TrichoKare Photodynamic Therapy Hair treatment

The last stage of the treatment involved photodynamic therapy, which uses laser light technology to support hair regeneration and accelerate healing.

7. Post-treatment consultation

After the entire treatment, my hair & scalp specialist took another four photos of my treated scalp for comparison. Clearly, you can see it looked much healthier, with fewer clogged pores and skin flakes.

TK TrichoKare Hair and Scalp Analysis Post

The whole process took roughly over two to two and a half hours and I was surprised at how much impact one treatment alone had on improving my scalp condition.

For parents who have scalp and hair concerns, give TK TrichoKare’s Award-Winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment a trial for just $40 NETT with a free HairGRO ampoule and a travel-sized hair care kit (total worth $745) now!

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List of participating outlets:
At all TK TrichoKare outlets – Clementi Mall #05-11, NEX #02-24, Ngee Ann City #05-22A, Velocity@Novena Square #03-19, Jurong Point 1, #B1-62.

Terms & conditions:
Valid for new customers only. Strictly by appointment booking on a first-come-first-serve basis. Parental companionship is required for those aged 20 years and below.

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This post is brought to you by TK TrichoKare.

By Julia Chan.

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