Get ready for the school holidays with these awesome camps!

the lab logoThis coming June school holidays, join us for a fun-filled week. This 21st-century themed camp brings students aged 7 – 16 opportunities to pick up useful skillsets to prepare them for the future.

This time, we have included an exclusive tour visit to HP Inc. Learning Academy for students to get inspired and excited.

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Students can choose between 5-day camps or one-day workshops and try out a multitude of different age-appropriate workshops per day from drone flying, 3D printing, to Robotics and exploring circuits and coding – all in one week!

Ages: 7 to 16 years old
Dates: Camps are run daily (3 – 7 | 17 – 21 June 2019)
Timings: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Prices: 1 / 3 / 5 Days’ Camp
Non-member: $180 / $495 / $790
Member: $120 / $350 / $650

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CAMP 1 (3 & 17 June)
Morning Session: Digital Story-Telling Level 1
In this course, we use Tynker to help students explore the art of story-telling. Through various games, challenges and exercises, we will introduce the students to tools that can help unscrew the cork to their pent-up creativity and be inspired by the power of their own imagination. After this course, students can deepen their knowledge by moving on to our Animation workshop to be held in the next December holidays.

Afternoon Session: Exploring Circuits and Coding Level 1
Students will understand the field of electrical engineering and learn about the role of an electrical engineer. Basic electrical concepts such as voltage, current and different types of circuits will be introduced and create projects that they can bring home!

the lab holiday camp

CAMP 2 (5 & 18 June)
Morning Session: Exploring Circuits and Coding Level 2
Students will move on to using a breadboard and be given different electrical components such as LED lights, resistors, servo motors to allow them to use their imagination and creativity to create their own projects.

Afternoon Session: Drone Flying through Coding
Level 1
In this workshop, students will explore the role of an aerodynamics engineer. Students will act as secret agents and fly around the world to take special photos of iconic buildings for their missions through basic concepts of aerodynamic and drone flying.

Level 2 (For campers who have completed Level 1)
Students will build on their skills in Level 1and learn more in-depth aerodynamics concepts. Using complex maths concepts, students will learn how to map and plot the most efficient route to fly their drone to complete challenges. This workshop challenges a student’s ability to think computationally and instills creativity and imagination.

the lab robotics camp

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CAMP 3 (4 & 19 June)
Morning Session: Tour Visit to HPInc.
An exclusive tour of HP Learning Academy
A tour of HP’s multi-million-dollar Graphics Solutions Service Learning Academy in Singapore.

Afternoon Session: 3D Printing and Modelling
Level 1
This is a 3 hours exploratory course on 3D printing. It will be a fun-filled hands-on project, whereby students get to explore the world of technology focused on 3D printing. Topics include the concept of 3d printing, how to operate a 3d printer, design your own model for 3d printing.

Level 2 (For campers who have completed Level 1)
Students will build on their skills in Level 1and learn more in-depth modeling. Project work requires them to create complex modeling using the CAD. thereby increasing their level of 3D visualization skills. At the end of the day, each student will be rewarded with their own 3D printed and designed model to take home.

the lab june school holiday robotic camp 2019

CAMP 4 (6-7 & 20-21 June)
Robotics Level 1
Students will enjoy a two full days filled with fun, hands-on projects, building, programming and animating robots using Lego Mindstorms. They will spend the day brainstorming, building and experimenting with amazing robots, all the while developing creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills. Topics covered will include graphical based programming and basic motor movement control, whereby students would be introduced to basic programming concepts such as Sequences, Loops and Conditionals.

The camp will allow students to embrace in science and engineering concepts. It encourages children to learn with an inquisitive mind with simulated challenges throughout the day. This camp will enable students to build teamwork and collaboration skills as they are tasked to work together in teams to complete their challenges.

Address: 30 East Coast Road #03-15 Katong V Mall Singapore 428751
Tel: 8767 4557

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