In this climate where we need to carefully observe social distancing, online classes are becoming commonplace in order to better safeguard our children and teachers. We have compiled a list of online trial classes, courses and workshops for the little ones so they can still look forward to meeting new friends, learning and picking up new skills!

1. Cupcake Learning PSLE English Apps

Cupcake Learning PSLE English

Cupcake Learning is the go-to app for PSLE English grammar and vocabulary revision. A simple app that provides everything needed: updated database from MOE, ability to review mistakes and performance metrics. Revision for examinations can’t get simpler.

Download the apps at cupcakelearning (only available for iPhones and iPads).
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2. I Can Read Online Grammar Booster Course for Primary School Students

ICR Online Grammar Booster course

I Can Read is excited to introduce their fully-online Grammar Booster course for Primary School Students! A first in Asia, this digital, interactive course will give a boost to both your child’s English ability and confidence.

For more information, visit here.


3. The English Curve

The English Curve

The English Curve provides lessons to students of all ages and levels. Lessons are relevant and rigorous, great for students who want to hone their language skills as well as those who are new to English or struggling to learn it. Tutors adopt a flexible and personalised teaching approach and structure their lessons to cater to different learning curves and styles. This allows students to learn at a pace that they are comfortable with. Teachers also aim to build on the strengths of their students while working on their weaknesses. Available all year round, the online sessions are conducted over Skype.

Besides offering private tutoring sessions, The English Curve holds regular online writing workshops for young learners. It also publishes weekly blog posts and book reviews, keeping students engaged and immersed in the English language.

For more information, visit or email


4. Kodecoon Free Workshop

Kodecoon Academy Coding for Kids

Our First Line of Code workshop is a great way for your child to see if he/she enjoys coding and for our teachers to objectively assess your child’s level so we can see which course/level is most suitable! Especially for our New Age Parents‘ readers, we are giving away a free First Line of Code workshop where kids will be exposed to block-based programming and learn how to create their own animated stories or games in two hours!

To register, simply WhatsApp +65 8950 3022 and quote NEWAGEPARENTS! No need for you to fill up any form again, we will complete the registration for you.

Trial Class Price: Free for TNAP readers (Usual $40/hour for 2-hour workshop).
Age Group: 4 to 16 years old


5. Chengzhu Mandarin Centre Online Programmes

CZ Enrichment Online PlayClub

Current times require us to adjust the way we learn and teach. Though we have welcomed many age groups back to our centres, our youngest learners remain at home. Ensuring their safety and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us but we also don’t want them to lose out!

Our specialist educators have created a series of videos and home resources for Mandarin PlayClub children to ensure continuous learning and language development.

For more information, visit Chengzhu Mandarin Centre Online Programmes.


6. LingoAce Online Chinese Class Free Trial

LingoAce Online Chinese Class Free Trial

#LingoAce is the world’s premier online Chinese learning platform and we are dedicated to making Chinese learning fun and engaging through the use of our interactive courseware.

📣 Sign up for our FREE trial class now to experience these by yourselves.

For more information, visit LingoAce Online Chinese Class Free Trial.

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