This Mother’s Day, show your love and appreciation to your mom, wife or fellow mummy friends. To help you pick the perfect gift, here is a list of recommendations tailored to mums and their interests. To the dads out there, this list will come in handy too!


For all mums

FARM Florist Mothers Day Flowers

There’s no need to break your bank just to show your mother how much you love and appreciate her. Why not try giving Mum a simple gift of flowers this year? Check out FARM Florist’s Mother’s Day collection for affordable and thoughtfully-arranged bouquets that are bound to warm any mother’s heart. FARM Florist provides free islandwide delivery on all products as well as same-day delivery, so that you can give your mother a pleasant surprise with ease. After all, flowers are exactly what you need to convey your innermost feelings that can’t be said through words alone.

Visit their website for more details now!


Fullerton Hotel Singapore Staycation KKDayImage: KKDay

Bring her to a staycation and live like royalty with a 5-star staycation at the iconic Fullerton Hotel Singapore. Bask in the history and luxury of the magnificent Fullerton Building, a National Monument that has played a pivotal role in Singapore’s history in the past century.

You can get this staycation deal via KKDay or Klook.


For the mum who loves cakes

Pine Garden Coconut Mojito Coffee Cake

One of the specially created cakes for this season is the Coconut Mojito Coffee cake. For the adventurous mother who loves trying out new things, this interesting flavour is a perfect choice! They have infused coconut and rum into their light fluffy fresh cream and folded in a generous amount of coconut jelly for that much-loved chewy texture. The fresh cream is sandwiched between layers of their signature soft coffee moist cake, creating the perfect combination to transport you to a sunny island in the Caribbean. Get it online here.


For the active and fit mum

Mothers day what to buy

Have a mum who loves to keep fit and stay in shape? Why not rope in the entire family to stay active and fit together! Running with your kids is the perfect time for you to also keep fit, build your stamina, burn calories, and catch up with your little (or not-so-little) ones! Plus, children actually make surprisingly good running partners.

Skechers Women Ultra Flex Sport Shoes

Check out Skechers Women Ultra Flex Sport Shoes, they are the best sports shoes to gift your wife. Available on Shopee at only $48.


Kiprun KS Light

Is your wife into running? Check out Kiprun KS Light. Apart from being lightweight, the KS Light provide more stability and cushioning for many miles of training runs and races! Available on Decathlon at only $120.


For the breastfeeding mum

combi double breastbump

Do you know that there are differences between Asian and Caucasian women’s breast shape and density? Combi does! Combi Double Electric Breast Pump is uniquely designed for Asian mums.

Asian mums have cone shape breasts with less fat but higher density. With this in mind, the breast pump funnel and shield are specially designed to not only provide optimum comfort but also the most effective milk expression. While the 10 adjustable pumping levels provide the most comfortable suction level for mothers as well.

Combi Double Electric Breast Pump is now available at all major departmental stores, Shopee, Lazada, baby shops and Combi Showroom.


For the mum who loves to cook

Sharp Healsio OvenSharp Healsio Oven – AX-1700VM(R), $1,759

A great helper for mums who enjoy cooking for the family, the Sharp Healsio Superheated Steam Oven. The oven allows for simultaneous upper and lower cooking, with superheated steam spreading evenly in the entire oven, enabling you to cook food on both racks at the same time, for example, using the top layer for cooking fresh ingredients and lower layer for reheating. It also has healthy & tasty benefits, such as fat reduction, salt reduction, preservation of nutrients to keep your food moist, fresh, and sweeter tasting. Coupled with multiple cooking modes including grill and non-fried, stir fry, bake and steam and boil, mum can conveniently settle meals for the family at home.

Available for purchase at: Sharp Official Online Stores – Shopee & Lazada, Sharp Authorised Retailers.


For the mum who just gave birth

Huiji Waist Tonic

In celebration of the heartwarming Mother’s Day, Huiji will be offering a special Huiji Waist Tonic (700ml) and FREE Canadian Ginseng Tea.

Huiji Waist Tonic is one of the most loved health supplements amongst Singaporeans. Apart from its commonly known benefits of alleviating aches in the waist and knees, it helps to improve blood circulation, relieve cold hand and feet, and nourish vital energy!

Available on Shopee at only $49.80.


For the mum who loves capturing videos and photos

mothers day gifts what to buy

With the latest GoPro HERO9 Black, mums can capture all her precious family moments – video or photo, in HD quality!

The groundbreaking HERO9 Black sports a beastly 23.6MP sensor for ridiculous 5K video and stunning 20MP photos. A dazzling new front display delivers a live preview for easy framing, while a large rear touch screen with touch zoom provides fast, intuitive control. HERO9 Black boasts a powerful new feature suite, including HindSight, and supports live streaming and Webcam mode as well. Add in HyperSmooth 3.0, built-in mounting and 30% more battery life1 for more of everything—in a camera that’s tough as nails and waterproof as ever.

Buy it online via Shopee.


For the mum who loves roses

the eternity rose 24k gold dipped rose

The Eternity Rose’s flagship product is the 24k Gold-Dipped Rose and presented in an exquisite leather case. These are made from real roses grown in The Eternity Rose’s nursery. Employing trained horticulturalists, they grow the very best roses out there – there are no expenses spared.

The Eternity Rose believes in the beauty of timelessness. A rose is an expression of love and a perfect gift for Mother’s Day – however, it’s also a keepsake that you can display for years to come.


For the mum who loves to bake

Kitchen Aid Handmixer

With Dalgona Coffee in trend now, this gift will surely come in handy when your wife is craving for that cup of coffee. Skip the hand mixing and whip this out when mixing the coffee!

The hand mixer will solve all your mixing and blending needs, from mixing bread batter and creaming butter and sugar to whipping meringue. Now you can help out with baking too! Available online here.


Kenwood HM680 Handmixer

Surprisingly compact, Kenwood HM680 Handmixer combines fantastic results with no mess to create the perfect bake. Control your mixing and whisking with the 5 speeds plus pulse, be it at a slower pace for kneading dough or faster speed for whisking egg whites to create a light, fluffy mousse.

Watch the transformation as the 350W motor quickly and easily whisks and mixes every last ingredient. It’s the ultimate for creating everything from silky pancake batters to sweet, light dessert toppings. Available online here.


For the booklover mum

All the light we cannot see book

Does your wife enjoy taking time off to read her favourite novel while having that well-deserved cup of coffee? Amazon Singapore carries a huge range of books from genres like arts, photography, business, careers, family, lifestyle, home and garden and many more! Take a quick look through her bookshelf to find out what genres she prefers and scoot over to Amazon Singapore to add to her collection! She will definitely be pleasantly surprised at this thoughtful gesture.


For the creative mum

gift ideas for mothers day

If your wife is into art or loves to dabble in her creative side, why not surprise her and sign her up for an art workshop?

Dottieshop is started by a stay-at-home mum, who seeks to create things of beauty, that celebrate people, that speak of life and love, that lift up, inspire and encourage someone special. She also conducts calligraphy, watercolour and/or craft classes for different groups, ranging from working adults to young children.


For the pregnant mum

Brands bird nest mothers day gift set

BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest Sugar Free only uses natural sweeteners that bring out the exquisite taste of bird’s nest. Both Brid’s Nest products are free of added preservatives or artificial flavouring and are suitable for health and beauty seekers, pregnant women and the elderly.

Available at selected major hypermarkets, supermarkets, personal care stores and online retailers like Shopee.


Note: All details are correct as at the time of publishing. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information, no guarantee is given nor responsibility is taken for errors or omissions in the compilation. Readers are advised to check with the respective sites and vendors for the most updated details and promotions.

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