This Mother’s Day, show your love and appreciation to your mom, wife, or fellow mummy friends. To help you pick the perfect gift, here is a list of recommendations tailored to mums and their interests. To the dads out there, this list will come in handy too!


For the mum who loves cakes

Pine Garden Mother's Day CakeImage credit: Pine Garden

Dive into a world of flavor with Pine Garden’s Matcha x Black Sesame Cake. This delightful creation features a fluffy matcha chiffon cake generously filled with a toasted, nutty black sesame paste and topped with homemade Matcha Panna Cotta bits. It’s a flavor explosion that your mom will adore.

💰 $69.50

You can get it here.


For the active and fit mum

Mothers day what to buy

Have a mum who loves to keep fit and stay in shape? Why not rope in the entire family to stay active and fit together! Running with your kids is the perfect time for you to also keep fit, build your stamina, burn calories, and catch up with your little (or not-so-little) ones! Plus, children actually make surprisingly good running partners.

PUMA Adore Women's Running Shoes

PUMA Forever Luxe Trainer: Elevating sustainability and style, the PUMA Forever Luxe trainer is a game-changer for female athletes. Crafted with a recycled mesh upper, it features a BETTER FOAM midsole made from 35% bio-based sugarcane EVA, prioritizing both comfort and eco-consciousness. Embrace its new sustainable insole, incorporating recycled and bio-based foam for added support. Slip into these trainers to experience the fusion of comfort and eco-innovation, where “Better” and “Adore” seamlessly intertwine.

Available on Shopee at only $54.


Help your mom stay active and healthy with a fitness tracker that monitors her daily steps, heart rate, and sleep quality. Choose a stylish and user-friendly device that syncs with her smartphone, allowing her to set fitness goals and track her progress with ease.

Fitbit Charge 6

Check out the Fitbit Charge 6 with Built-in GPS, Sleep Tracking, Stress Management, 24/7 Heart Rate, 7 Day Battery Life.

Available on Shopee at $229.95.


For the breastfeeding mum

Hegen PCTO™ Manual Breast Pump Kit

Hegen PCTO™ Manual Breast Pump Kit: Revolutionizing breastfeeding with efficiency and ease, the Hegen PCTO™ Manual Breast Pump Kit offers an award-winning Express-Store-Feed system. Simplify your routine by seamlessly transitioning between expressing, storing, and feeding using a single container, minimizing milk transfer and safeguarding your precious supply. With its manual pump, you control the pressure, gradually acclimating to the pumping process, especially beneficial for newcomers. Watch our video guide to effortlessly tailor the intensity to your comfort level, ensuring a personalized experience.

Available on Shopee at $85.


For the mum who just gave birth

Huiji Waist Tonic Mothers Day

In celebration of the heartwarming Mother’s Day, Huiji will be offering a special Huiji Waist Tonic (700ml).

Huiji Waist Tonic is one of the most loved health supplements amongst Singaporeans. Apart from its commonly known benefits of alleviating aches in the waist and knees, it helps to improve blood circulation, relieve cold hand and feet, and nourish vital energy!

Available on Shopee at only $58.60.


For the fashionable mum

Thermos Tumbler with Carry Loop

Thermos® JOS-750 One-Push Tumbler with Carry Loop: Introducing the latest addition to the One-Push Tumbler series, the JOS-750 with Carry Loop combines innovation and convenience. Featuring the beloved one-push button alongside a practical carry loop, this tumbler ensures easy portability wherever you go. Keep your beverages hot or cold for a minimum of 6 hours with its 750ml capacity, ideal for gym sessions, leisure activities, or office hours. Available in four trendy colors – Beige, Yellow, Mint Blue, and Dark Gray – elevate your style while staying hydrated, now also offered in a 550ml option.

Available on Shopee.


For the tea-loving mum

Thermos Tea MugThermos® TCMM-520 ‘Wealth’ Mug with Handle and Strainer. Photo Credit: Thermos Singapore

Mums can sip their favourite tea with the Mug with Handle and Strainer from the brand’s limited-edition ‘Wealth’ series.

Featuring a luxurious crab-inspired print design, the Mug with Handle and Strainer comes with a fitted lid which keeps dust at bay and offers heat and cold insulation. Its specially designed half-open tea strainer makes it easy to insert a stirring spoon or straw and enjoy loose tea leaves with ease.

Available on Shopee.


For mum who loves staycation

Mother's Day gift Staycation KlookPhoto Credit: Klook

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with an unforgettable getaway in Singapore! Treat your family to a luxurious stay, complete with the option of a professional photo shoot and indulgent massage experience. Capture precious moments with your partner or little ones with a photography session, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic retreat or family bonding time, their premier or suite rooms offer the perfect oasis for relaxation and connection. Ideal for couples and families alike, this staycation promises a unique and enjoyable experience, away from the chaos of the city. Embrace tranquility and create lasting memories with all your loved ones by your side!

You can get this staycation deal via Klook.



For the mum who loves flowers

Mother's Day gift Preserved Flowers Rose in GlassPhoto Credit: Shopee

Celebrate Mother’s Day with timeless elegance! Delight Mom with our Real Preserved Flower Rose in Glass Dome, adorned with preserved moss and hydrangea. Each delicate bloom undergoes a meticulous preservation process, ensuring its color, shape, and texture remain as vibrant as fresh flowers.

Hand-arranged with care, this enchanting display captures the essence of everlasting beauty. Nestled in a clear glass dome atop a wooden cork base, it makes a charming addition to any décor. Give the gift of enduring love this Mother’s Day – a stunning reminder that some things, like your affection, only grow more beautiful with time. Perfect for birthdays, besties, bridesmaids, teachers, and any occasion worth celebrating!

You can get this via Shopee.


For the mum who is tech-savvy

Mothers day gift Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10

Introducing the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10, the ultimate solution for effortless home cleaning! Designed with smart house layout planning, tidying up has never been simpler. With its powerful 4000Pa suction fan blower and innovative Zigzag and Y-shape cleaning routes, every corner of your home receives thorough attention.

The smart water tank and multiple sensors ensure efficient and precise cleaning, tailored to your home’s unique layout. Stay in control and customize your cleaning experience with ease by connecting to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app. Say goodbye to tedious chores and hello to a cleaner, smarter home with the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10!

You can get this via Shopee.


For all mums

Mother's Day gift Bonia Gift SetPhoto Credit: Shopee

Check out Bonia Monogram Long Zip Wallet Gift Set crafted from luxurious leather for timeless style.

The Purse features a zip-around closure and four card compartments, while the Long Zip Wallet offers additional space with an interior zip coin compartment and notes compartment. Both accessories blend sophistication with practicality, perfect for elevating your everyday essentials.

You can get this via Shopee.


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