This Mother’s Day, show your love and appreciation for your fellow mummy friends – the ones you confide in, approach for sound advice and comfort, and call up for fun play dates.

To help you pick the perfect gift, here is a list of recommendations tailored to different mums and their interests. For the daddies, this list will come in handy too!

For the new mummy with her first baby:

  • Bright Lipstick

mothers day gift ideas - luxola lipstickBeing in a newborn haze can be tough. Perhaps it’s because you don’t fit in your old clothes yet, you have bags under your eyes, and you hardly have time to take a shower (you’d rather take a nap anyway), but you certainly don’t feel your prettiest. We’ve all been through this.

If you have a friend who’s a first-time mum, gift them with a bright lipstick. It’s an effortless way to transform their look and brighten up their whole face. It will remind them that their days of getting glammed up and feeling fancy are not over.

3CE Lip Color, $32 ( provides a wide range of highly pigmented, moisturizing hues. Buy one in Fuchsia for a vibrant accent or Glass Pink for a subtle pretty sheen. Talk about an easy pick-me-up! She will feel gorgeous in an instant.

  • Manicure

Your friend may feel overwhelmed after being a new mum. In the hassle of caring for her baby, she may have also forgotten about taking care or pampering herself.

Vanitee is offering a free manicure to TNAP mummies!


  • Initial Necklace

Now here’s something sweet and special: a necklace with the first initial of their baby. Surprise your new mummy friend with a Gorjana Alphabet Necklace, $68.98 ( It’s pretty, lightweight, and oh so precious. If you’re going for something simple and timeless, this is it.

mothers day gift ideas - initial necklace

For the mummy expecting her second child:

  • Free Babysitting

Going from one child to two can be quite an adjustment, and any mum would appreciate some extra hands. Offer to take the older kid for a few hours to give your mummy friend some time to nap and tend to the new baby without any distractions. Ice cream dates and playground trips are always big hits with kids.

  • Cleaning Service

If your friend doesn’t have a helper, it’d be a great idea to book housecleaning service for her so she doesn’t have to worry about doing chores on top of caring for two children. It’s one of the most practical and useful gifts.

Book online at for $20 per hour.

Helpling Singapore

For the mummy with three kids in tow:

  • Toy Storage Bins

By now, there’s probably an avalanche of toys in your friend’s home. You tend to have a lot of kids’ stuff by the time baby number three comes around. A mother of three would really appreciate cute storage bins to keep all the clutter at bay. With a La Cerise sur le Gateau Pois Basket, $58 – $149 (, her home will look tidier in no time.

mothers day gift ideas - Toy Storage Bins

  • Baby Booties

Subsequent children are often gifted with hand-me-downs. It makes sense to recycle perfectly acceptable clothing from their older siblings, but who doesn’t like wearing new things? Baby number three is sure to score some stylish points with brand new, handcrafted soft-soled baby booties, $39 ( We love that these from Singaporean designer Nix Deng come in numerous adorable prints.

mothers day gift ideas - Baby Booties

For the mummy with a child with food allergies:

  • Freezer and Storage Containers

When a mummy has a child with food allergies, she probably prepares a lot of their baby food at home. Gift them with a travel or reusable food container to make everything more convenient. The Clevaportions Freezer and Storage Pots, available at Mothercare, come in a collection of eight storage pots with individual secure snap-on lids to prevent spilling. They are BPA free and freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Why not try Qubies?


  • mother's day gift ideas - Kate Quinn Kimono Bodysuit in Elephant printOrganic Cotton Bodysuit

Kids with food allergies often have skin allergies or sensitive skin as well. Organic cotton clothing is guaranteed to please your mummy friend. The Kate Quinn Kimono Bodysuit in Elephant print, $29 (, available in size 3-6 months, is made from the softest 100% organic cotton. Since it features side and bottom snaps in a kimono wrap style, it’s a breeze to put on and take off.

For the busy working mummy:

When a working mum has to take some work home, it can be hard to look over reports with a needy child demanding her attention. That’s when baby activity gyms and play mats come in handy. Buy her an Infantino Music & Motion Activity Gym and Play Mat, $129 (Toys R Us) to give her some time to do her work while baby plays happily nearby.

mothers day gift ideas - Infantino Play Mat

For the active mummy:

  • Stroller Organizer

A mummy who’s always on the go needs to have an efficient stroller organizer system. Enter 3 Sprouts Stroller Organizer, $32 – $39.90 (, also available at Mothercare). It will keep all of mum’s essentials neat and within reach. That way, she has a place for her own water bottle, cell phone, keys, and other items when she goes on a power walk with her baby.

mothers day gift ideas - Stroller Organizer

  • Sportswear

A pair of Women’s UA HeatGear Alpha Stripe Capri pants, $55 (Under Armour) is a fantastic gift for your mummy friend who loves to work out. Its lightweight, stretchy fabric provides ultimate comfort and wicks sweat away to keep skin dry. You can bet that she’ll wear these pants again and again.

For the mummy who loves to cook and bake:

  • Placemats

Give your chef mummy friend pretty placemat and napkin sets to applaud her cooking and baking efforts. She spends so much time in the kitchen making delicious food for the whole family. Her food deserves to be feasted upon at a lovely table setting complete with colourful, convenient placemats to elevate the mood even more. Crate and Barrel has a delightful collection ranging from $3.95-$13.95.

  • Baking Decorations and Accessories

Help her dress up her scrumptious cupcakes with cute <Cupcaking Wrappers and Picks, $6.50 / 12 pieces or gift her with a Hello Kitty Shaped Cake Pan, $39.90 for her next birthday cake undertaking. She will love embellishing her baked masterpieces with these and other eye-catching decorations from M Trade Novelty Store.

mothers day gift ideas - cupcake wrappers and food picks

For the educator mummy:

  • Museum Playdate

Invite your educator mummy friend and her tot on a museum play date. Head to Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas at Singapore Arts Museum, available from now until 19 July 2015. This art exhibition for children features art workshops involving weaving, making pom poms, and embroidering; film screenings; interactive exhibits; and a moonroom where children can doodle on the walls and pen letters to the moon. Your educator mummy friend will definitely approve of this stimulating, educational trip – and your kids will have so much fun that they won’t want to leave!

For the creative mummy:

  • Quirky furniture

One of the things that stands out about your creative mummy friend is her, well, creativity. She has an impressive knack for coming up with unconventional ideas. How about using a skateboard as a shelf? Lecons de Choses Skateboard Shelving, $240 ( will appeal to her imaginative side. She can set it up in the nursery and use it to display artwork and other fascinating knick-knacks.

Mother's Day Gift ideas - Skateboard Shelving

  • Arts and Crafts Supplies

There’s nothing a creative mum likes better than making art and crafts with her little ones. Give her the Imaginarium Wooden Art Case, $49.95 (Toys R Us), which contains an astounding set of art supplies – 213 pieces, to be exact. There are markers, oil pastels, crayons and more, all organized in a neat wooden carrying case for stress-free storage and on-the-go fun.

By Jenny Tai

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