In one moment, you’re fine and happy. In the next moment, you feel angry and irritated with every small thing around you.

Ever felt this way while you’re carrying a little human inside of you?

If you are pregnant and bothered about your mood swings, here’s something that may reassure you: Mood swings are a part of pregnancy.

Pregnant Mood Swings

There are several causes for mood swings: physical stresses, fatigue, changes in your metabolism, or by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. The changes in your hormone levels can affect your level of neurotransmitters, which are brain chemicals that regulate mood.

Know what are the trigger points for your swings. Are you stressed about something? Are you eating and sleeping well?

Here are tips that might help you manage and cope better.

1. It’s Normal

Understand that mood swings is a normal part of pregnancy. Remembering that it happens usually during the first trimester will help you cope with it. Let others around you understand it too. Let them assure you that having the change of moods will not be taken against you.

2. Talk It Out

Speak to your family and friends about it. People surrounding you can share their ideas on how to let you up when you feel so low.

3. Eat Well

Eat a balanced and healthy pregnancy diet. Take healthy foods that will work for proper body regulation. This way, you can fight back stress and depression. Avoid ingredients or chemicals that can harm you and your baby.

4. Unwind

Give yourself a time out. Unwind. Get out of your old environment once in a while. Introduce yourself to new ideas and hobbies that can help you spend your leisure time more worthily.

5. It’s Not Your Fault

Don’t get mad at yourself for not acting ‘normal’. Stop self-blame because everything is but normal. Think of all the things that you’re grateful and thankful for.

6. Speak To Other Mums

Share your thoughts and feelings to other expectant mothers. Talk to them about how you feel and react to your situation. Knowing their experiences will lighten the burden because you will realize that there are others who are feeling the same way too.

7. Get Moving

pregnant lady exercising

Exercise! Whether it’s walking, swimming or yoga, find the time to stretch and move your limbs to re-energize your body.

8. Sleep More

Deprivation of a sound sleep is experienced by any pregnant woman. Irritability is often caused y lack of rest and sleep.

9. Pick Up Something New

Getting pregnant is taking you away from your usual work and giving you more vacant period alone. Engage into something different like reading book series, watching television or listening to you favorite music.

We hope these few ways will help you cope better with your mood swings. And if you still don’t feel better after trying them, remember not to blame or judge yourself.

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