Many people are afraid that sex during pregnancy will harm the baby. This is NOT true. It is perfectly normal and okay to have sex while you are pregnant. Unless you are bleeding or have been instructed otherwise, there is no reason to fear sexual intercourse while you are pregnant.

sex during pregnancy

There are many benefits to sex during pregnancy. Here are seven reasons why you should make love while you are pregnant.

  1. Strengthens your muscles – pelvic area and hips – for labour
  2. Less stress as there is no reason to worry about birth control methods – you can’t get pregnant again
  3. Sex is a form of exercise
  4. It is a rewarding way of celebrating the conception of your baby
  5. There is no harm caused to the baby
  6. Finding new sexual positions could will be challenging, but enjoyable
  7. Pregnancy brings out the sexy in you – use it to your advantage

Overall, sex will help with your pregnancy and labour. In actuality, if you are late, sexual intercourse can help push your body into labor.

There are a handful of reasons to cease sexual relations while you are pregnant. Different circumstances for different women may increase or decrease their drive, but there are specific scenarios that you will not have a choice. If any of these happen to you, and you continue your sexual relations, you are not only risking harm to yourself but your baby as well.

  1. If you experience unexplained bleeding
  2. If you are in your first trimester and it is your first baby or you have had a history of pregnancy miscarriage
  3. If you are diagnosed with Placenta Previa (your doctor will instruct you to cease sexual intercourse)
  4. If you are in the last trimester and you
    a. have a history of premature labor
    b. are experiencing early signs of labor
    c. are carrying multiple babies (twins, triplets, etc.)

It is time to ignore any of the old myths that you have heard, after all, we are in the 21st century. Sex during pregnancy will not harm the baby. It will only increase your emotional and physical well-being and your relationship. Unless directed otherwise, use this experience to explore your sexuality.

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