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10 Good Reasons for Pregnant Mothers to Smile

Despite the discomforts of pregnancy including the body pains and emotional irritability, pregnant mothers have all the reasons to smile and view the world as an ally and not as a foe. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and a mystery every mother should take pride in. Here are some reasons why pregnant mothers should smile:

10 Reason Why Pregnant Mothers Should Smile1. Pregnancy is a gift. What makes women distinct from men is their ability to carry the baby inside the womb for nine long months.

2. The growing of the breast for the reproduction of milk is an amazing undertaking. Being well-endowed with milk-producing cells that make the breasts larger despite silicon and other enhancements is something to shout about.

3. Strengthening of the nails and the hair. Pregnancy is the time for you to boast of stronger nails and hair as you do away with conditioners and moisturizers. Pregnancy induced metabolism produces hormones that benefit the nails and your healthy hair.

4. Getting into the healthy lifestyle. Knowing that whatever you take will get into the baby, you willingly refuse vices and other unhealthy foods and this directs you to the track of being fit and well.

5. Public privileges are overwhelming. The pregnant women are given the priority in almost everything especially in having the best seat in public transportation.

6. Pregnancy relieves you of the stress at work especially for check-ups and rests as recommended by your specialist. This means paid time off-work and no one else the world gets that for free except the expectant mother.

7. No menstrual hassles. Pregnancy will get rid of menstrual cramps and leaks for at least 40 long weeks. This gives you a refreshing feel and a chance to spend money on something else instead of buying pads and pain relievers.

happy smiling pregnant mom

8. Blaming the hormones for mood swings. Pregnant women can always point their fingers to hormonal changes as culprits to their mood change. Actually, no pregnant woman is at fault when it comes to mood swings.

9. Opportunity for shopping. Nothing fits in anymore as the body of the pregnant woman becomes larger for the baby’s growth. This is your chance to buy the best dress and go shopping around all the time.

10. Everybody’s a friend. No one around you will want to act rude or irritating. This is a moment for you to savour friendly conversations and sweet smiles from neighbours and friends.

Pregnancy is something to treasure and to be thankful for. So relax and put on your best smile.

Are there other reasons that make you smile during pregnancy? We like to hear from you. Kindly leave your comments below, thank you.

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