Sleepless nights and gruelling labour are some reasons why parents need to receive positive feedback from their babies. The love between parents and babies emanate from everyday attachment; as you feed them, change their diapers and pat their backs. It is very rewarding to know when your little ones reciprocate your love and care.

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The below are 10 meaningful examples which babies’ display, to express their gratitude and appreciation of your love:

#1 Smiling

More than an involuntary reflex, smiling is a baby’s way of creating a bond between the two of you. Research indicates that a smile means more than just a reflex; at age 6 to 8 months, babies are able to associate their parents’ faces into something which good and fun.

#2 Staring

The first thing a baby recognizes is his or her mother’s face. From birth, the smell and the voice is linked with the facial features of the primary person whom the baby is in contact with every day. Staring is a baby’s way of memorizing your face.

#3 Bubbling

One of the earliest physical tricks that your baby can do, bubbling is a baby’s way of showing you that he or she has learned something new.

#4 Holding up their arms

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Babies express preference through action. Once your baby recognizes you as an emblem of love and comfort, they will habitually hold up their hands and twist their bodies towards you, asking you to pick them up.

#5 Smooching

These may not actually be real kisses but babies can slide their lips up onto your faces for wet and sloppy smooches. When they smooch, do prepare for a huge blow of wetness and love!

#6 Giggling at you

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Babies giggle whenever you come towards them as your image has been associated with love and care. The giggling means they are excited to be cuddled and played.

#7 Wailing when you leave

Gas and Fussiness In Babies

Just as how much giggling can show, babies can tell you they don’t want you to go by wailing and crying when you leave. This means that they acknowledge your absence and your absence signifies some sadness in them.

#8 Imitating your actions

The act of imitating what you do is a baby’s way of showing how closely he or she has been observing you. Toddlers are known to imitate actions or expressions by people they love.

#9 Making a beeline for you

Coming to you and wanting to be comforted in times of pain and distress is one way of telling you that your child considers you as a safe refuge. You might mistake this action as a way of getting attention but babies come to the person whom they feel safest and most comfortable with.

#10 Snuggling close to you

daddy and baby bonding

Babies express affection through touch and skin-to-skin contact. Like how little puppies burrow themselves onto their mother’s fur, babies love to be cuddled. Cuddling close to you is a sign of feeling secure and safe.

Babies may lack words to express their feelings but their actions speak otherwise. As you recognize these physical ways of saying ‘I Love You‘, you can always continue loving and caring for your children.

This article was first published in The New Age Parents e-magazine.

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