Have you experienced your baby crying non-stop, even after feeding or changing his diaper? Sometimes babies cry not because of hunger or pain, but simply because they want to be cheered up or to gain their parents’ attention.

how to stop baby from crying

Here are some tips you can try to cheer your baby:

1. Take the baby outside

Like adults, babies also need a breathing space. Taking him outside will divert his attention from the things that made him cry. Make sure that the external environment is not too hot or cold.

2. Take a joy ride

Take the car and buckle up with your baby near you. The view of the surroundings might help to soothe your baby’s mood. It is also a great way to get fresh air that may not be available outside your homes.

3. Turn on the radio

Play a piece of happy music and dance together with your baby. Swing your baby around gently and the movement might tickle him.

4. The power of praise

Mention how your baby is doing great alone in the crib. Also, try to emphasize how admirable he was as he plays with his toys.

5. Do the classic Peek-a-Boo!

This might be an old trick but it works! You can hide behind furniture or use a blanket to cover yourself up. Every time you show your face, try coming up with different expressions or sounds.

6. Gently blow raspberries into the baby’s palm or tummy.

The gentle air can tickle and the sound can blend well with his smile as he tries to imitate it.

7. Blow bubbles

Bubbles have this magical ability to capture a toddler’s attention. They are amazed by floating bubbles in the air and derive great pleasure from popping them!

8. Make funny faces

Babies love attention. Pretending to sneeze or to bump your head with a funny face will surely make him giggle.

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