Journey through a vibrant sea of tulips, each petal telling a tale of Dutch heritage. Beyond their beauty, uncover the Netherlands’ pioneering spirit.

📅 19 Apr to 18 May 2024
⏱ 9am – 9pm
📍 Flower Dome
🏷 Admission charge to Flower Dome applies

You can get tickets online at Klook.

Below are the details of Tulipmania 2023:

Unique tulip varieties originating from the steppes of Eastern Türkiye showcased at Gardens by the Bay’s Tulipmania for the first time

The ninth edition of the popular floral display pays tribute to the origins of tulips in Türkiye

Tulipmania 2023

With long, pointed petals often in red and yellow, Tulipa acuminata bears little resemblance to the conventional cup-shaped tulip. Also known as the Fire Flame or Turkish Tulip, it is one of the three tulip varieties cultivated from native tulip species originating in Türkiye, that are a highlight of the ninth edition of Gardens by the Bay’s Tulipmania floral display. Such tulip varieties are a rare sight in this part of the world.

Opening today in Flower Dome, Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip(梦幻郁金香:起源)features a Turkish theme for the first time in the well-loved floral display’s history. Held in collaboration with the Embassy of Türkiye in Singapore, the floral display is supported by Bloomberg. Tulips are native to Eastern Türkiye and were first cultivated by the Ottomans. The tulip is also the country’s national flower and interwoven into the country’s culture and history.

Tulipmania Origins of the Tulip Floral Display 2023

Senior Minister of State for National Development and Foreign Affairs Sim Ann, along with the Ambassador of Türkiye to Singapore H.E. Mehmet Burçin Gönenli launched Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip by “setting off” hot air balloons in Flower Dome – a scene reminiscent of the region of Cappadocia’s landscape at sunrise.

SCDF officers from the Operation Lionheart contingent who were in Türkiye to aid in international rescue efforts after the earthquake in February also graced the launch and were hosted on a tour of the floral display.

Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip runs until May 21.

Gardens by the Bay CEO Felix Loh said, “Gardens by the Bay’s Tulipmania, which began in 2013, has always been a popular display among our visitors. This year, for the first time ever, our horticulturists are featuring tulip varieties cultivated from native species of Türkiye, the centre of origin of these floral bulbs. To better understand their native growing conditions, our team travelled to beautiful Türkiye, to learn more about the history of tulips, as well as experience its rich heritage. We are grateful to our partners, the Turkish Embassy and Turkish Airlines for this collaboration.”

Tulipmania Origins of the Tulip Floral Display

Ambassador of Türkiye to Singapore H.E. Mehmet Burçin Gönenli said, “As we mark the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Türkiye this year, we are particularly pleased to organise the Tulipmania floral display, featuring indigenous tulips from Türkiye, along with few cultural highlights from Istanbul and Cappadocia, in partnership with Gardens by the Bay. This exhibition provides a glimpse into Türkiye’s cultural and natural richness and diversity. At the same time, it constitutes a concrete expression of our willingness to deepen people-to-people bonds between our countries. Partnering with Gardens by the Bay in preparing the Tulipmania floral display has been a distinct privilege. We are truly grateful for their professionalism and solidarity.”

Thirty varieties of tulips of diverse colours and forms

Beyond the three unique tulip varieties whose ancestry can be traced back to native species in Türkiye, Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip also showcases 27 other varieties of tulips with forms that people are more familiar with.

These include lily-flowered tulips (so called because their flowers resemble lilies) such as Tulipa Pretty Woman, which has bright red, goblet-shaped flowers with pointed petals; Tulipa Leo with its scarlet fringed petals; and Tulipa Grand Perfection, a cream coloured tulip with unique deep red feathering on its petals, a trait that was deliberately created by breeders to mimic the variegated pattern of broken coloured tulips, which itself was the result of a virus.

Making a debut this year are crown tulips, which like their name, can be easily identified by their elegant, crown-shaped flowers – a fortuitous genetic mutation of the conventional cup-shaped tulip that breeders later capitalised on.

Complementing the tulips are blooms native to Türkiye such as hyacinths and fritillarias.

The beautiful landscape of Türkiye recreated in Flower Dome

Tulipmania 2023 Origins of the Tulip Floral Display

Some of Türkiye’s most beautiful landscapes from across the country have also been recreated for Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip. These include:

● Galata Tower – One of the oldest towers in the world and an icon in the city of Istanbul, it was first built as a watch tower during the Byzantine empire.

● Safranbolu houses – These houses showcase traditional Ottoman civil architecture. In the floral display, visitors can step inside a house and experience what it is like to be inside an Ottoman-era home with Turkish mosaic lamps, kilim rugs and windows looking out to a view of tulips.

● Library of Celsus – Located in Ephesus, an ancient Greek city located in present-day Western Türkiye, this is one of the last remaining great libraries from the Roman period.

● Hot air balloons – Nine hot air balloons create a landscape reminiscent of the scenic Cappadocia region at sunrise. The 6m-tall one at the entrance of Flower Dome was specially created so that visitors can sit inside and enjoy a vantage point of the floral display below.

There will also be a curated exhibition of traditional Turkish art pieces in Flower Dome’s Mediterranean Garden, featuring art forms such as Iznik ceramics, copper works and kilim rugs, many of which are adorned with botanical motifs like tulips. These art pieces are on loan from the Turkish embassy and specially shipped from Türkiye.

Tulipmania tulips

Visitors can take part in a social media contest to win a pair of return air tickets to Istanbul, sponsored by Turkish Airlines. There will also be demonstrations of Ebru, the traditional art of paper marbling, and performances of the Kanun, a Turkish string instrument, by artists from Türkiye this evening as well as on Saturday, April 22.

Tulipmania – Origins of the Tulip floral display

📅 21 Apr to 21 May 2023
⏰ 9am – 9pm
📍 Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay
🏷 Admission charge to the Flower Dome applies.

Get your tickets online from Klook and KKDay.

Photos credit: Gardens by the Bay.

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