With Chinese New Year falling on 19 February, the energy of the 2015 Wooden Goat will be arriving on 4 February. Master Kevin Foong shares some tips on how you can welcome positive energy into your home for the New Year.

Know Your Stars

2015 Flying Star Chart

First, we need to understand the upcoming stars in 2015 that is arriving at the various directions in your home. For the negative stars, you may use some of my suggested solutions to curb the negative energy and to activate the prosperous star (取吉避凶).

Check the Direction of Your Main Door

Which direction does your main door face? The next step is to identify the direction of your main entrance door.

You can do so by using a compass. Face your main entrance (make sure you are inside, looking out) and check the direction of your facing. Most of the Qi (energy) flows from our main door (this is relevant only for homes without balconies). Knowing the direction is a good indicator of the Qi arriving at your door step.


The Star number 3, which represents legal, court, quarrelsome and hostility issues will be at the center of your home. It is considered as the star of the year as well. For event predictions, you can expect more conflicts, arguments and hostility in the coming year. Remember to maintain your cool within the household and adopt a calm composure at all times.

Solution: At the center of your house, you can consider putting a red carpet to curb the negative Star number 3. Reduce clutter in this area of the house to have a stress-free environment.


If your main entrance faces Southeast or your room is located in the Southeast, the number 2 sickness star will arrive at this direction. The sickness star is not a force to be reckoned with as family members can fall sick easily. It affects the eldest daughter in the household as well as women in their 40s and 50s.

Solution: You can consider placing a 6 rod metal wind chime in this sector. Try to avoid using brown colored furniture and decorative pieces in this area. Placing leafy plants in this area will help to control the negative bad energy as well.


For homes where the main entrance is South facing, the robbery star will be at your door this year. Look out for possible thefts, investment losses and try to refrain from lending money. Do watch your investment portfolios carefully. It is also recommended not to turn to short term investments. This affects people born in the year of the Horse and the middle daughter of the household.

Solution: The South represents strong fire energy. You can consider putting live plants with big pots of earth in this sector to counter the negative star. Some masters will recommend using water to curb the fire, though water is also an activator of Qi, and this will activate the effect of the robbery star at the same time. Using brown colored decorative and furniture pieces are recommended.


2015 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

The future prosperity star of star 9 arrives at Southwest. Generally, it is considered to be an auspicious star and opportunities.
Solution: You can activate this sector with strong lightings, such as LED brown light to illuminate this sector of the house. Red, pink, brown, earthly colors furniture and decorative pieces are also recommended.


The misfortune star 5 which represents disaster and bad events arrive at the West. You should avoid doing any hacking, drilling or unnecessary renovation at this sector of your house, especially so for houses with the main entrance facing West. These activities will trigger the negative energy will may lead to a chain of bad events. If you really need to renovate, find a master to select a good date for this. If your kitchen is located in the West sector, try to store all the metallic knives and cutlery in the drawers and not expose them. This affects people born in the year of Rooster.

Solution: Reduce as much metallic elements object in this sector as possible. Painting this section of the house blue will be useful.


The number 4 star which represents business, romance and education arrive in the Northwest sector. This is generally good for those who is seeking good academic results, business opportunities as well as finding a new partner. This star benefits people born in the year of Pig and year of Dog.

Solution: You can consider to paint this sector in shades of grey or white. Metallic decoration should be placed in this area. Students who are studying for exams should relocate to this area of the house to aid in their learning and knowledge. Singles who wish to find a partner can consider putting a pair of mandarin ducks in this sector.


Good news to the home owners whose main entrance is facing North. Rejoice in 2015 as the most prosperous wealth star 8 arrives in the North. This represents a year of opportunities and abundant of wealth. You should work hard, plan ahead to prosper. This star benefits people born in the year of Rat.

Solution: Activate this sector with water. Water bodies such as fish tank, water filter, or any furnishings with moving water are recommended. Do monitor the water and change regularly to avoid cloudy dirty water as that will bring loss of wealth instead. Shades of blue are recommended in this area.

Feng Shui Home tips


The prosperous and opportunities star 6 arrive in NorthEast. Heaven luck is with you and you may find events unfolding more smoothly for you. This benefits the youngest son in the family and people born in the year of Ox and Tiger.

Solution: Activate this sector with water. Water bodies such as fish tank, water filter, or any furnishings with moving water are recommended. Do monitor the water and change regularly to avoid cloudy dirty water as that will bring loss of wealth instead. Shades of brown is also recommended in this area.


The victory Star which represent fame and reputation arrive in the East. This benefits the youngest son of the family and people born in the year of Rabbit. You can expect career promotion, fames and success.

Solution: Shades of green is recommended. You can consider putting large leafy plant in this section. For those who are aiming for a promotion in their career, they can consider to use the East sector more when at home.

Master Kevin FoongBy Master Kevin Foong

At a young age, Kevin developed immense interest in Chinese Metaphysics, western astrology and numerology. He started to learn from various masters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malaysia. Master Kevin is known for his accurate Bazi reading that predicts events, to help his clients to make important life decision on wealth, health and relationship. He is the founder of Kevin Foong Consulting Group, a global organisation devoted to the teaching of Feng Shui, Bazi, Man Xiang and other Chinese Metaphysics studies.

For more information, go to www.kevinfoongcg.com

This article was first published in The New Age Parents Feb / Mar 2015 e-magazine

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