Dear Mummy,

Ever since I was a part of you, I knew you had always been worried and careful. You made sure that I received all the nutrients I would need so that I could grow well. You always went the extra mile for me, so that I am able to have an edge against the world, even before I have even seen it through my own little eyes.

You shared with me excerpts of music played by people like Chopin, Beethoven and someone called Bach? While I don’t know what it does to me but whenever I hear this similar tune and rhythm, I always feel close to you and calmer. It’s almost like how close I feel to you when you read to me every night before you go to bed. Nearer to my birthday, I grew stronger and couldn’t wait to see how you and daddy look like. With my first cry and first blink, I saw tears on your face and a smile. I was just excited to be out in this world!

If our babies could talk

Day by day, I grew quicker than I did in your tummy. By the time I was about 6 months old, I was able to roll over, hold my neck up and sit up straight (with some support). It was fun being able to see the world in more than one way. By the time I was ready to blow my first candle (which I couldn’t somehow), I was a great crawler and trying my first few steps. I especially love it when daddy does stretching exercises and games that require me to push with my legs.

Mummy, till today, it’s amazing to know how my little arms and legs have grown every time I was measured at the doctors. But I love it best when we could do things that stimulate my senses (although you may have hated it). Things like playing with paint, gooey materials, tasting different food textures and flavours with my tongue, touching sand, fiddling with water; were things I really looked forward to. Don’t panic when I place things in my mouth, because that’s how I tend to explore at 1 and a half years old.

Somehow, as I went around exploring with my senses, you were ‘telling’ me things. Initially, I didn’t know what they were and they were mere sounds to me. But you kept on repeating these things. Soon, sounds became words, words became phrases and phrases turned to sentences. I realised later on that you were telling me the names of the things that I was touching.

By 2 years old, I was able to communicate with you and daddy. We had so much fun playing “Guess the word”, “Animal sounds” and of course, my favourite “Let’s find the letter”. Daddy also got me to start playing games that required me to use my hands, like picking things with my thumb and pointer finger instead of grabbing with all five fingers. I enjoy kneading playdough with you too, Mummy.

Although I am now 3, there are still some things I am not so good at. Some of my preschool mates can identify numbers and letters but sometimes, these are still a blur to me. I enjoy music and singing a lot because it helps me to remember as well. My teachers are all very helpful. Be patient with me mummy and daddy. In time, I will learn. My teachers did say I was holding the pencil in the right way. I do believe I should be able to draw you a picture very soon!

Thank you for all the playtimes. It made me ready for my learning in school. Although I enjoy attending school, my best times are still with you and daddy, exploring new things and enjoy what you adults call “bonding time“. I cannot wait for my next bonding time with you both!

Your baby

By Esther Lim, Founder of LEAP SchoolHouse & Curriculum Director of LEAP EDUCATION GROUP.

This was first published in our Parenting with Love Seminar Booklet.

* * * * *

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