As I watch kids decipher the conventions of language and creating meaning for themselves, their innocence (in the way they communicate) shines through. Let’s hear it for the children!

kids say darnest things

On having another sibling…

Mummy (M): Son, what do you think if mummy wants another baby?
S: Not good mummy
M: Why?
S: Because I still want to be your baby for a while more.

M: Look X! Such a cute baby that mummy is holding now. We are going to bring the baby back and you can then become a big brother!
S: That is not yours! Put the baby down now!

Staying a little longer in their fantasy world…

D: Mummy, are tooth fairies real?
M: Do you think they are?
D: Yes! Are they boys or girls?
M: I have never seen them but I think they have a mix of both. What do you think?
D: I think they are girls because girls are the ones with the money. Boys just spend.

Reality bites…

Son just got lost at a mega toy store and after getting trouble at home again, he sighed and said, ‘Mummy, today is such a crazy day!’

D: Mummy, I think I will one day get married but I am not going to have children.
M: Why?
D: Just look at me! Kids are so troublesome!

Grandpa: X, why don’t you be a doctor when you grow up.
D: Okay! But why?
Grandpa: Then when I need a doctor, I can go see you for free.
D: (in utter shock) FREE!! I need business you know, but I can give you a discount of 10%.

S: (on a long distance call home) Hi mummy how are you? Are you doing fine? Did you buy me a toy?

Why mummy is the dearest…

D: Mummy you are the best!
M: Why so?
D: Because you can help me finish my food when I am full, fix my stuff when they are broken and give me my pocket money when I run out.
M: …..

M: X! Why can’t you give me all correct answers for your homework? Why are you always making mistakes?
D: But I just can’t give you all correct answers.
M: Why?
D: Because if I have all my answers correct, you will say it is because I COPIED…

D: Can I have a Facebook account? All my friends have one.
M: Sure you can. But you must add Daddy and Mummy in as your friends.
D: Huh?

By Esther Lim, CEO and Founder of LEAP SchoolHouse.

This article was first published in The New Age Parents e-magazine.

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