We often overlook what children are capable of, and have yet to realize the wealth of empathy, kindness and generosity hidden in them. Just the other day, a colleague was sharing how she was pleasantly surprised by her son’s kind gesture. Her 6 year-old son was with his grandmother and younger sister at a grocery store when he suddenly rushed forward to help an old lady with her grocery basket.

Parents can tap into this by providing opportunities for their children to exhibit kindness in their everyday lives.

showing kindness to others

Here are some random acts of kindness your child can do:

1. Smile and greet the school or public bus driver.

2. Say good morning to your school principal, teachers, classmates and cleaners.

3. Let your friends go first at school.

4. Write a thank you note to your teacher or friend.

Boy holding thank you words

5. Praise your friends when they do something nice.

6. Help your teacher in class by tidying the classroom and making sure it is clean.

7. Be friendly and help the new kid in class.

8. Donate your toys, clothes and books that you have outgrown to children in need.

9. Give up your seat to a pregnant lady or elderly person when on the MRT or bus.

10. Pack up your toys and tidy your room without mummy or daddy telling you to do so.

11. Help daddy and mummy look after your younger brother or sister.

How to avoid sibling rivalry

12. Thank your helper or ‘aunty’ for taking care of you, cooking food for you and keeping the house clean.

13. If you have not seen Ah Gong and Ah Ma (Po Po or Ye Ye) in a while, call them and check how they are doing.

14. Offer a hug if someone your love is sad.

15. Smile! Smiling is contagious and you will be surprised how many people will smile back at you.

Business woman smiling with confidence

16. Tell mummy and daddy you love them and thank them for taking good care of you.

* * * * *

What other acts of kindness have you or your child done lately? Feel free to share your acts or other ideas below!

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