Pregnant mums need lots of nutrients from Day 1 to meet the increased needs during pregnancy and lactation. BUT are you tired of drinking just a simple glass of milk to replenish the essential nutrients that you and your little bub need?

Well, why settle for a simple drink when you can have fun concocting your own healthy and unique flavoured drink?

Check out these recipes for a start!

Nestle MOM&ME
1. Delightful Orange Breakfast Smoothie

Orange juice is one of the most popular breakfast beverages. It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that gives you an extra boost of radiance in the morning. Add in 4 tablespoons of NESTLÉ MOM & ME, you will have all the essential nutrients for you and your little bub. Don’t we all love a good start for the day?

Simply blend 4 tbsps of NESTLÉ MOM & ME with a glass of cold water (Can be replaced with a glass of ice) and a dash of Orange Juice.
Blend it until smooth.

Nestle MOM and ME

2. Oat & Honey Breakfast Smoothie

Oats contain tons of nutrients and is a power food for your body’s needs. If you’re not already eating oats for your breakfast, you’re missing out on a perfect way to add fibre and nutrients to your body. On the other hand, Honey is a natural energy booster and one that will strengthen your immunity. Pair them up together with 4 tablespoons of NESTLÉ MOM & ME, you will have the most perfect and delicious smoothie drink ever. NESTLÉ MOM & ME contains some nutrients that may be hard to find from your normal diet such as Probiotics, DHA and Folic Acid but is essential for a mother’s daily nutrition and the growth and development of baby.

Blend 4 tbsps of NESTLÉ MOM & ME with a glass of cold water (Can be replaced with a glass of ice).
Add a cup of oats and a tbsp of honey.

Nestle MOM and Me

3. Cool & Refreshing Blueberry Crush

Fresh blueberries are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is a powerfood that will put you in a berry berry good mood. With NESTLÉ MOM & ME you will have an outburst of energy for you to last through the day.

Blend 4 tbsps of NESTLÉ MOM & ME with a glass of cold water.
Lightly crush the blueberries to release the juice and blend it together with the milk.
Garnish with some berries and serve with some ice.

Nestle Mom and Me

4. Berry Berry Milkshake

Do you know that berries have been known as one of the healthiest foods on Earth? A cup of mixed berries (such as Goji Berries, Blueberries, Acai Berries, Bilberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries or Cherries) and 4 tablespoons of NESTLÉ MOM & ME, you will have yourself a berry berry nice milkshake. Not only that, you can be assured that you will be providing the right nutrition, love and protection for your baby!

Blend 4 tbsps of NESTLÉ MOM & ME with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream.
Add in a cup of berries of your choice.
Blend till smooth.

(Place it in the freezer if you fancy a Berry Berry Ice Cream)

Nestle Mom and Me

5. Chocolate Blended

Chocolate is one of the most popular food and flavors in the World, not many can resist chocolate, well definitely not me. Choose dark chocolate as it is good for your heart and brain. Not only that, it is high in antioxidants and contain many different vitamins and minerals. By adding NESTLÉ MOM & ME, you will have gained the highest levels of DHA, which are important building blocks for the brain and eyes.

Blend 4 tbsps of NESTLÉ MOM & ME with 3 ice cubes
Add 1 tbsp of cocoa powder
Serve with a chocolate wafer stick and whipped cream.

Nestle Mom and Me

6. Warm & Cosy Chocolate Blend

Not many will fancy a cold drink, how about a cup of warm and fuzzy chocolate drink? You can still reap the great benefits of the combination of chocolate and NESTLÉ MOM & ME, and yet you have yourself a very chocolaty drink. Pair it with a slice of chocolate cake or some pastries, this is what bliss is about.

Add 4 tbsps of NESTLÉ MOM & ME and 1 tbsp of milo to ¾ cup of warm water.
Stir and mixed them up.
Serve with chocolate cake and pastries


Special thanks to NESTLÉ MOM & ME for the Recipes.

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By Crystal Tan | Photos by Nestlé

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