TK TrichoKare Hair and Scalp Treatment for Busy Moms

When it comes to haircare, I like to keep things simple. As a working mom constantly juggling between parenthood, home, and work, my routine is nothing more than the regular wash, condition, and occasional mask. The only time I splurge on hair treatments is after colouring my hair at the salon.

Trichokare Hair Loss Treatment review

Even though I consider my hair relatively healthy, I find myself reaching in to ease those annoying scalp itches every so often. Not to mention, the loose strands on my hand after running my fingers through my hair. Could it be the sweltering heat or the frequent hair-tying? Turns out it was neither.

Pre-Treatment Scalp Scan & Consultation

TK TrichoKare Pre Hair TreatmentPre-treatment 200x magnified scan

A visit to TK TrichoKare showed me the true culprits of my incessant tickles and hair loss. With my 200-times magnified scalp staring at me on the screen, it was clear that my oily scalp and blocked pores had a role in this. Furthermore, I am teetering on the brink of another situation – an inflamed scalp.

The insightful consultation helped me understand the current condition of my scalp and hair, with the trichologist educating me about my scalp. She ran me through a series of questions that painted a picture of my lifestyle, habits, and stress levels, noting how all these factors contribute to the current state of my scalp and hair. She even gave me tips that I can do at home. With a holistic view of my condition, she customised my treatment with premium European herbs, delivered through cutting-edge technology and a whole lot of care. TrichoKare’s holistic approach to scalp and hair care unlocks the secret to healthy scalp and luscious locks from within.

Our Scalp is our Skin

Hair and Scalp analysis HealthlineHair and Scalp analysis, Image credit: Healthline

Talk about skincare and I would think of what I put on my face and body, without sparing a thought for my scalp, which is also made of skin. Similar to the skin on our face, our scalp needs clean pores and a strong epidermis to be healthy. This also means that maintaining a healthy scalp and hair can be as easy as extending our skincare routine. Just as facials help to remove deep-seated impurities and cleanse our pores, treatments like the Scalp Purifying Therapy at TrichoKare can cleanse our pores and nourish our scalp at the same time. Leave it to TrichoKare, the pioneer and leading Trichological Centre, to offer bespoke European Herbal Hair Remedies formulated by professional herbalists and accredited by certified Trichologists.

Scalp Purifying Therapy

TK TrichoKare Customised European Herbal Scalp MasqueApplication of Customised European Herbal Scalp Masque

After settling into the comfortable plush seats at the treatment area, the hair and scalp specialist applied and massaged a Customised European Herbal Scalp Masque into my scalp. The cooling masque was a real delight for my “hot” head, instantly revitalising and boosting my mood. Customised to my scalp and hair conditions, the masque unclogs my pores and removes excess sebum, while nourishing my scalp with the much-needed nutrients from the premium European herbs. The masque was left to work for about 30 minutes before the aromatic cleanse with Trichokare’s best-selling shampoo, the Nourishing Hair Bath, in preparation for the next step.

TK TrichoKare Customised Hair Treatment EssenceCustomised Treatment Essence applied through NanoMist Spray and an Aromatherapy Head and Shoulders Massage

Next, a Customised Treatment Essence was applied all over my scalp with a cutting-edge NanoMist Spray that breaks down the liquid essence into tiny particles, ensuring better absorption for maximum effectiveness. This essence works to strengthen hair growth; although results will not be immediate (it takes time for hair to grow!), I did feel an instant soothing relief on my parched scalp. To top it off, the hair and scalp specialist worked her magic with her nimble fingers, treating me to a relaxing 8-step Aromatherapy Head and Shoulders Massage. More than just feeling good, the massage enhances absorption, ensuring my scalp receives all the goodness from the essence.

TK TrichoKare Hair Bang TreatmentHair Bang

Following that, the hair and scalp specialist set me under a mushroom-like device called the Hair Bang. Working its magic with infrared light technology, the Hair Bang helps to detoxify my scalp and drives my scalp’s pH into balance, leaving me healthy hair and scalp. The design of the Hair Bang focuses on the top of my scalp, where most thinning was observed.

Post-Treatment Scalp Scan & Consultation

TK TrichoKare Hair Treatment Before and AfterLeft: Before treatment with grease and blocked pores
Right: After treatment with clean and clear pores

With a quick blow and style, my treatment, which took a luxurious dedication of 2.5 hours, was completed. Now to face the post-treatment results, 200 times magnified! I held my breath as the scanner ran across my scalp and to my delight, my scalp looked healthier and clearer, with noticeably less inflammation than before. I could see my pores were unblocked, and even the layer of accumulated grease from before was gone! In the next few days, not only was there less hair fall, but my scalp felt less greasy throughout the day too. In fact, I still feel squeaky clean as I write this.

TrichoKare’s treatment has certainly done its job. And if you, like me, are looking forward to a healthy scalp and hair, let TrichoKare’s award-winning customised solution work its magic on everything from greasy scalps, dandruff, hair loss and more.

Here’s giving you the key to luscious locks:

TK TrichoKare Hair Care KitTK TrichoKare Hair Care Kit

From now till 31 May 2024, enjoy the award-winning Scalp Purifying Therapy for just S$48 nett, which includes a complimentary Hair Care Kit – Nourishing Hair Bath (50ml) and CompleteKare Mask (50ml), worth S$556. To book, simply WhatsAppNewAgeParents‘ to 9150 8891 or reserve your slot here.

This post is brought to you by TK TrichoKare.

By Andrina Loo.

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