One Young Mind, Infinite Potential

We have explored simple but yet important ways on how we help our little one achieve his/her potential in life. In this article, we are going to take a step into uncovering the mechanics behind our child’s brain and learn more about the right stimulation to provide to it.

How to Develop Your Childs Brain Holistically physical development

Albert Einstein is reputed for being one of the geniuses of our 20th century. After his death in 1955, a study discovered that Einstein’s brains had more glial cells than the average human being. These cells increased the speed of neurons connections in his brains. What does this tell us? This tells us that the amount of connected neurons in your child’s brains makes a big difference in their learning abilities. As parents, we can play an active role in helping our child develop his/her brain by stimulating the growth of glial cells and neuron connections,

Did you know that your child is born with about 100 billion neurons and they must be connected to each other in order to successfully transmit information to the body?

The secret: these neurons need to make their connections upon birth right up to the age of five years old, as after which, many of these untapped neurons will simply fade away. Scientific evidence also suggests that if the brain does not receive appropriate stimulation during this critical window, it is very difficult for the brain to rewire itself at a later time. Therefore, we are looking at a critical window in determining how their brain grows and develops.

Stimulate Right Brain or Left Brain?

How to Develop Your Childs Brain Holistically

Stimulation of the whole brain is important. The right brain controls your child’s spatial abilities, visual imagery, ability to recognize faces and music while the left brain is largely responsible for your child’s language, math and logical thinking. The brain’s right and left hemispheres are designed to work together to process and relay information. Hence, as parents, we should always ensure that our child is stimulated on both sides of the brain for him/her to achieve the highest potential.

Brain Stimulation Exercises

Left Brain Exercises Right Brain Exercises
People who have a well-developed left brain are usually logical, rational and analytical.

  • Engage your child in puzzles
  • Have regular reading activities with your child
People who are predominantly right brain are usually full of creativity, are sensitive and very spontaneous.

  • Expose your child to a variety of musical instruments and songs
  • Present stimulation activities and games that allow your child to use his / her sense of touch.


Sparkanauts How to Develop Your Childs Brain Holistically

At Sparkanauts, our series of activities are specially put together to ensure our little ones’ brains are stimulated holistically, constantly and simultaneously. More importantly, for our little geniuses to embrace the activities presented to them and to develop a positive and joyful attitude towards learning, we ensure that any form of information is presented to them in a fun and engaging manner. Like you, we are parents too and we strive to help each of our children achieve physical, intellectual and social excellence.

Just one last secret especially for you: The secret to encouraging the development and connections of the brain neurons is happy children who are in a relaxed state of mind. These children are ready to learn about anything in the world through purposeful play activities.

Happy children are the direct result of parents who love and deeply involved in their children’s growth and development. This can be summarized in Dr. Charles Raison’s quote, “one generation full of deeply loving parents would change the brain of the next generation, and with that, the world.”

We have come to an end to our five-part series on early childhood development. We hope that you have enjoyed reading these articles and have learned something from it. We would love to hear your feedback or address any queries that you may have. Kindly write to us at

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By Selene Diong, Principal of Sparkanauts.

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