Children learn mainly through imitation. What they see in adults are viewed as good and that means adults should be very careful with their actions and words when dealing with children.

good behaviour in children

Good behaviour is absorbed through affection and not merely through words. Modelling techniques will help in instilling good manners and appropriate behaviours to children.

The way parents deal with certain critical situations will be embedded in the memory of a child and this memory will be the basis for his future behaviour once he is faced in the same situation.

Here is a guide to teaching children good behavior:

Saying please and thank you. These are considered as the two magic words basically taught to kids in order to show respect and appreciation. The two words are for different situations but the child who knows when to use it is generally a child of good manner.

▪ Waiting for their turn. Kids are impulsive. They want to achieve almost everything at once. Waiting for their turn when it comes to the use of the bathroom, of toys and even of the home computer could instill organization and order inside the house.

▪ Speaking when asked. Teach children that there is a time for everything. There is a time to listen and a time to talk. Explain that if everyone decides to talk at the same time, nothing will be understood.

Table Manners. Good habits during meal time foster a positive environment for a healthy eating activity for the entire family. Proper chewing, not stuffing of food in the mouth, as just a few of the good things children should learn when eating.

Good sportsmanship. Children almost always engage into play. Teaching them to accept defeat would mean greater courage to seek bigger challenges.

▪ Avoid name calling. Teach children that each person is distinct and special according to his own name. Calling someone by his name is a sign of respect and identity. Name calling could degrade someone. Avoiding it also means avoiding hurting other’s feelings.

▪ Learn to say please. Please is a word that exhibits a person’s humility. Saying please in simple situations like asking for someone to open the door or to hand in something is polite and humble.

There are a lot more good things which you can teach your child. Remember that good manners in children would help them become better individuals in the future.

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