Getting pregnant is the most thrilling part of a woman’s life. Having a baby again may be as exciting as the first pregnancy but that does not mean that the pregnant woman will no longer get through the same pains and hassles of pregnancy.

getting pregnant again

Pregnancy changes from one child to another as their needs and wants differ. The ease and comfort of pregnancy depend on the woman’s ability to take care of herself and to deal with body changes.

The possibility of having a baby for the second time decreases especially to those who have started having a family at ages when fertility declines. Experts have suggested ways on how to grab a higher chance of getting pregnant again.

Getting Pregnant

6 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant:

#1 Undergo Tests

Women 35 years and older should see to it that they undergo tests that measure the hormones to rev up your system for ovulation. Pap smear and blood test will help gauge your chances for having a baby again.

#2 Prenatal Supplements and Vitamins

The fertility rate is boosted by folic acid and iron. Some regular multivitamins may not be enough that food supplements should be taken in.

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#3 Know When to Zero In

The eggs are kept fertile for just 12 hours in each month, this means rare chances of ovulation happens that is why couples need to have an ovulation predictor kit of their own to know when a fertile period is. This period is indeed the best time for couples to engage in sex.

#4 Have Some Time to Relax

The lack of relaxation can cause rapid production of a stress hormone called cortisol which hinders ovulation and directs the woman to low fertility rate. Never engage in activities which force you to exert too much effort. Spend your weekends in some recreational activities like walking and strolling in parks. Find magic in talks as the innermost unsaid feelings will be expressed. This is therapeutic in some way as talking relieves you of any emotional or psychological burdens.

#5 Conditioning

Conditioning your mindset and your physical status is a good way to prepare for your next pregnancy. The use of Vitamin C supplements and antihistamines can lead to drying of cervical secretions. Avoiding these substances will help the sperm escort the egg through smoothly. Some couples may opt for use of lubricants however; the setback with this is that the substance tends to block the passage of the sperm. Moisturizers especially created for the cervix last longer than these lubricants.

#6 Try Acupuncture

TCM acupuncture

Acupuncture is safe. Many women have testified benefiting from this therapeutic acupuncture regarding conception, increased blood flow, and even stimulation of hormones. There is no harm in trying as this treatment has been proven safe for centuries.

How to get pregnant again entails a lot of effort especially so if the woman has reached the delicate age. Whatever activity it is that you engage in, you need to seek the permission and advice of your doctor or health care provider.

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