Raising a child is a tough challenge and honing him to become a good person is indeed tougher. Building your children’s character is a test of perseverance, love, concern, intellect and everything about you. It takes a village to build a child according to a Chinese proverb. At present, it takes caring hearts to mould a good person into a better human-being.

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Character is every person’s treasure. Love emanates from a good heart more than from a fat purse. If we teach our children the virtues they need to deal and interact accordingly, we are moulding their utmost potentials for success.

Being responsible.

Children are supposed to be introduced to their responsibilities at home, in school and to themselves early on. Teach them what they are supposed to do and the reasons behind doing it. Let them know the consequences of their failure to accomplish their task so that the next time you ask them to do it, they will pursue to finish it. Keep your promises for rewards and consequences. Consistency is the key to instilling a sense of responsibility.

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Being forgiving.

Children usually succumb to the human instinct of revenge. Teach children to be forgiving by letting them learn to forget an unfavourable act. Be kind to those who have wronged you. Inculcate the value of forgiveness by retaliating with something good.

Being respectful.

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Teach children the virtue of respect through letting them understand that they should only do something which they are in favour of being done to them in return. This way, children would see how they are equal with others and that no being was created lower than them.

Being trustworthy.

Never break your promises to children. Once you turn your back on what you have vowed to do, they will think that it is alright not to stand for their word.

Being compassionate.

Let your children see how you extend help to those who are in need. Let them understand that compassion is a virtue beyond age, sex, race and status.

Being honest.

To teach honesty is to be honest yourself. Tell your children that it is not alright to hide the truth. Let them realize how simple truths would be revealed in time.

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Let this world be a better place to live in by building the character of your children. If every home raises a good child, this world will transform from chaos to paradise. Build your child into a good person that he can be by setting a good example as parents.

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