Children have always been the parents’ primary source of strength, inspiration, contentment and happiness. It is the children who initiate a sunny atmosphere at home and school. The existence of a child inside the home is nothing but a lifetime reward for both the mother and the father. Life’s struggles and challenges come lightly as children grow to be individuals of worth and soundness.

child thumb sucking

However, there are certain instances when children also become the cause of distress and family predicaments. Children’s undesirable habits are sometimes detrimental to parents especially if they begin affecting and disturbing them to promote the smooth conduct of their homes and tasks. The following are most common misbehaviors which parents should deal with accordingly in order to correct unwanted behaviors:

1. Starting from infancy, a child may exhibit unwanted behavior through thumb sucking. Parents could begin to intervene by showing the sore thumb to the child and comparing it with the normal thumb he has on the other hand. Rub fingers on the teeth to identify the cause of the soreness. You may want to use a dental appliance to substitute for the thumb or let the infant wear mittens to cover it up.

2. Nail biting can be remedied through keeping the hands busy. Let the child do away with the nails through clenching fist, grabbing sleeve and massaging hands and fingers. Let him also carry a nail clipper to be used when the biting urge is felt.

3. Bruxism is also known as teeth grinding or clenching. To be able to reduce the occurrence of this bad habit, you need to see to it that the child is relaxed before bedtime. Give him a before-bed massage and allow him to exercise mouth muscles by letting mouth drop open and close. You can consult your dentist for the right teeth guard appliance or an expert to treat nasal allergies.

4. Head banging is done when the child feels the wall against him. Dance to a music and carry the infant in a sling.

5. Lip biting can be stopped when you let your child drink water, take a deep breath and suck frozen candy or juice bar.

6. Nose Picking could be hindered by teaching the child to use tissues instead of the finger. Take the child to a doctor to determine irritants to the nasal passages.

7. Throat noises can be done through tongue clicks and when clearing the throat. Parents can help their children do away with this unpleasant habit by teaching how to make deep slow breaths.

Children’s bad and annoying habits are developed. The moment you see signs that they tend to persist, you should give interventions at once. Make your children a total source of happiness as you drive the bad habits away through proper care and enough attention to their needs.

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