Beijing 101 is creating a buzz in the cosy neighbourhood of Hougang as it celebrates the opening of a spanking new outlet in Hougang Mall!

Beijing 101

A Unique “Top to Toe” Experience

Located on the 5th level of the shopping mall, the latest addition to Beijing 101’s stable of hair care centres sprawls over 1500 sqft and is tastefully furnished with state-of-the-art decorations. Walking into the outlet, customers will immediately be greeted with a warm welcome and experience a sense of calmness even before they are treated to the relaxing hair treatments. Services available in the centre include their signature 101 Scalp Massage and Herbal Scalp Treatment.

Beijing 101 new outlet

Alongside Beijing 101 Hair Consultants, a Slimming 101 outlet is nicely located just one door away. The equally brand new outlet is created with a fun-loving and quirky interior, making the experience for each customer unique and complete. Every customer will enjoy personalized service and individual space in the slimming centre which features private treatment bay, exclusive consultation rooms, steam rooms and shower areas. Slimming 101 offers signature treatments like The Meridian Marine Therapy and Acupressure Body Massage using Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles.

With hair care and body care all combined in one single location, image conscious shoppers in Hougang Mall can now pamper themselves from head to toe with great convenience at Beijing 101 and Slimming 101.

BEIJING 101 employs the Traditional Chinese medicine principles to help people with hair and scalp problems caused by stressful lifestyle, environmental damages, genetic problems and harsh chemicals used in various hairdressing technique. In Beijing 101 treatments, premium grade Chinese herbs are used and specifically altered to cater to the needs of different individuals.

Chinese Herbs for Hair Loss

BEIJING 101 HOUGANG MALL OPENING SPECIAL: 2-in-1 Hair & Scalp Treatment @ $48 with Welcome Kit worth $268. (valid till 31 Dec 2015)

About BEIJING 101 Hair Consultants

BEIJING 101 Hair Consultants, established since 1974, is dedicated to treat common hair issues such as scalp concerns, premature or excessive white hair and various patterns of hair loss problems in more than 60 countries worldwide. BEIJING 101’s hair care treatments have their basis in time-tested Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) enchiridion like the Shennong Bencaojing (神农本草经). All BEIJING 101’s treatments uses premium-grade Chinese herbs that seek to solve hair problems in an integrative and harmonious way, that is in line with TCM practices. Beijing 101 Hair Consultants is voted as Singaporeans’ Number One Choice to solve the roots of hair loss, dandruff and other hair-related problems, according to Media Research Consultants.

Beijing 101 Consult & signature

BEIJING 101 Hair Consultants Centres are located at:

  • Hougang Mall #05-15
  • Funan #B1-03A
  • Causeway Point #05-02A
  • Northpoint #03-56
  • Nex #04-08
  • Century Square #04-08
  • Jem #04-48
  • Junction 8 #B1-07A

For more information on BEIJING 101 and its services, please visit website at

Slimming 101 Sea Salt Body Scrub

Slimming 101 aims to offer females a personalized slimming experience that allows customers to achieve their ideal body shape both healthily and effectively. Additionally, Slimming 101 hopes to educate the importance of creating and maintaining a healthier inner well-being through professional consultants with our certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians.

SLIMMING 101 HOUGANG MALL OPENING SPECIAL: F.A.S.T Treatment @ $48. (Valid till 31 Dec 2015)

About Slimming 101 Body Consultants

Slimming 101 premises, people and principles envision helping women get back in shape and achieve better body health. With a refined, service oriented ambience and friendliest Slimming Consultants, Slimming 101 represents the latest evolution in the slimming industry, and fulfill parent company, Beijing 101‘s vision to provide service of the highest quality. Slimming 101 believes that slimming should be a enjoying, relaxing and rejuvenating process.

Slimming 101 Body Consultant are located at:

  • Hougang Mall #05-01
  • Funan DigitLife Mall #0-07

For more information on SLIMMING 101 and its services, please visit website at

Slimming 101