slimming_treatment_sideEver heard of the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to break down fats, boost metabolism rate and get rid of water retention?

Here’s a hot way of getting your body back into shape!

Introducing Meridian Therapy; a treatment that relies on acupressure massage using herbal detoxification oil to slow down fat absorption. The thermal blanket flushes out the harmful toxins in the body, and just lying there for 30 minutes is equivalent to doing a 2.5 kilometres (km) run!

How Signature Meridian Therapy works?
Slimming 101 Signature Meridian Therapy effectively breaks down stubborn fats and increases drainage for lymphatic nodes. It promotes metabolism rate, reduces the size of actual fat chamber and significantly improves body contours.

Slimming 101 Signature slimming highlights Meridian Marine therapy, which includes body scrub and acupressure massage. The primary function of body scrub is to remove dead skin cells to refresh and even out skin tone for smooth and radiant skin. At Slimming 101, maximum result is delivered with the use of natural ingredients, such as Marine Sea Salt.

Let the Slimming Treatment Begin
body fat analysisI came with an open mind, so I have no idea what was in store for me. I had my doubts about slimming, but no, visible results can be seen with one treatment!

Before starting the session, the consultant took my height and measured the bone, fat and muscle mass, visceral fat rating, metabolic age, in short, to see how fat I am! With the printed slip of results on my body, she analysed the results for me. She took my body measurements, to do a comparison before and after the treatment.

She explained that the slimming treatment would take about 2 hours, as I need to go through four steps. First the Bio Lipolysis, then Infra-Red Sauna, followed by Signature Meridian Therapy, lastly a quick shower, before taking measurements, to see if there is any significant change in one treatment!

She asked a few questions like:
“Do you have constipation?”
“Is your menses regular?”
“Do you have any allergies?”

State-of-the-art Slimming Technology
Bio Treatment uses high-technology machine that has excellent efficacies for slimming, body shaping and skin beauty. It helps to reduce fat cells and enhances skin tissue elasticity effectively. Through the process, it promotes blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.

Now you could burn fat and lose inches without strenuous exercise. It will not be yet another temporary loss of water retention in your body. The treatment is non-invasive and helps to improve metabolism. It is suitable for all body types. The temperature of the machine is adjustable to suit the customer’s tolerance of heat.

visceral fats

Fast and Effective Way to Reduce Fats
The machine is connected to pads that are activated by a special type of cream, to reduce fats, and promote blood circulation. The lady staff placed the pads with the cream on my arms, thighs, and tummy. Then she secured the pads in place with elastic bands. Before she left the treatment room, she adjusted the temperature, to my level of threshold. I never enjoyed heat, so on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being scorching hot, I would give it a rating of 8, as the pads felt warm.

“You should put it at a higher temperature level, so that you can lose more fats” she shared.

The pads felt warm and it was like a massage session. It lasted for a good 30 minutes. A very relaxing process, I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the experience. At times, I can feel a tinge of static from the pads, which can be quite ticklish.

Improves Blood Circulation, Boosts Metabolism
After the Bio Lipolysis treatment, I went into the Sauna. I spent a good 15 minutes in the Sauna, at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. By the time I got out, I was perspiring all over, and all I had was one word for the experience, HOT! The Sauna experience improves blood circulation and boosts metabolism to speed up fat-burning. Nonetheless, if you over-do it, there might be adverse effects.

No Tough Exercise, No Crash Diet

meridian therapyThis is the final treatment of the day, the Signature Meridian Therapy! Another lady staff smeared TCM formulated oil all over my body, to slow down the fat absorption. With the use of hand massage, she stimulated the fats in my body. It was really a “shiok” feeling, until she pressed on certain acupoints, which was painful but bearable! She clarified that the feeling of pain shows that there are toxins in the body, and it will accumulate if the toxins are not flushed out of the body.

She covered me with a thermal blanket, for about 30 minutes, and this process is equivalent to a 2.5km run. Isn’t that good news, just lying in a thermal blanket, and I lose the same calories as doing a run? When she lifted the thermal blanket, I was covered in a pool of water, perspiration and toxins! My face was flushed, like a beetroot, and I felt like I was soaking in a pool. The staff did some cleaning up before sending me to the showers.

thermal blanket

Results guaranteed in ONE Treatment

I took a quick shower, and it felt heavenly! I dried my hair, before the lady staff take my body measurements, to compare it the measurements taken before the treatment. I could feel and see for myself, the difference in my body measurements. I lost 0.6kg after one treatment!

before and after treatment

The Change
Here are the measurements of my body before and after one treatment session:

Body Part Before (in centimetres) After (in centimetres)
Arm (L) 29 28.7
Arm (R) 29 28.8
Upper Abdomen 78 77.4
Waist 86 85.5
Lower Abdomen 91 90
Buttock 98 97.8
Upper Thigh (L) 54 53.6
Lower Thigh (L) 48 47.5
Upper Thigh (R) 56 55
Lower Thigh (R) 50 48
Calf (L) 35 34.2
Calf (R) 35 34.5

After the treatment, I had a good sleep at night; perhaps it’s due to the release of the toxins? No side effect was experienced after the treatment, which was great news!

Heat your fats, Goodbye!
Whether you are a stay-home mum, or a working mum, water retention, blood circulation, fats, metabolism rate plague you, and your body. The Meridian Therapy is a thumbs-up treatment that breaks down fats, for a healthier you! Seeing is believing, so come and try it for yourself!

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